As One Network


Activities in Japan

Activities in Japan Activities are being developed in various areas to connect people with their hearts in their communities, companies, and fields of interest.
Voluntary activities from each of our positions are advancing and working together to become a major force such as:
Creating a local community where people can live with peace of mind
Turn share houses into model communities
Turn a company into a “company for the people”.
Seniors who envision the ideal way to age.
Creating educational programs for a sustainable society, etc.
These activities also play a key role in creating a larger stream, in cooperation with other organizations aiming at better societies.

International development - Activities around the world

Activities all over the world

There are many people from around the world who come to see Suzuka's process for "The Next Society". Some of them already want to create such a process in their own countries and started the activities.

The exchange began in 2009.
Numerous civic activists and social groups have visited Suzuka since then.
The one-week "As One Seminar" has been taking place in Korea since 2011, and a ScienZ School was also founded.
Students from korean free schools regularly come to Suzuka to study, and many young people have since become students at the ScienZ Academy in Suzuka. The basis for the foundation of a community in Korea has now been established.
As One Network Korea:

The exchange began in 2003 and the “As One Seminar” has been running continuously since the opening of the ScienZ School Brazil in 2017.
Young people from Brazil have also been sent to the ScienZ Academy in Suzuka, and the movement to create a community is becoming increasingly active.
As One Network Brasil:
Escola ScienZ Brasil:

The exchange began in January 2018.
The first courses of the ScienZ School started in Switzerland in summer 2019.