As One Network

A Social System by ScienZ Method

Based on investigational research and experimentation

The As One Network is a network to manifest "A happy world free from conflicts" by ScienZ Method.
A social system is working in with both "growing as human" and "performing as social experiments" are correlative based on the investigation and experiments to reveal the essential nature of people and society.
Specifically, the As One Network activities will be developed in collaboration with the ScienZ Institute and ScienZ School.
By utilizing the ScienZ School, each person learns the ScienZ Method, which leads to personal inner transformation and growth as a person.
And also, by using the ScienZ Method in every situation, we can free ourselves from constraints and compulsions and build relationships that truly connect us with the people around us, transforming our world!

A social system that creates innovative communities

To realize our goal, we are developing an innovative social system and implementing it in a real world environment by building an experimental community in the city of Suzuka, Japan.
The As One Community is an experimental community in which each person can live in peace as an authentic self.
The ScienZ Institute for the study of essential human nature to clarifying the true nature of both humanity and society.
The ScienZ School to help people grow as individuals, to help them make full use of their own abilities.

It is a social system in which both psychological (inner) growth as a person and social experimentation are mutually advancing. The results of studies on the human being and society are implemented in the Suzuka Community as social experiments. And the feedback is reflected in a subsequent investigation, thus creating a cycle of research processes. It is a model case for community building that is in progress. The ScienZ School acts as a catalyst for deepening research on the human being, and the feedback from real-world experiments is reflected in the content of the School program. Such a cycle of learning is being created through this process. The core members who make up the Suzuka community are those who, through learning in the Scienz School, have become able to talk to each other about anything.

ScienZ Institute / ScienZ School