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ScienZ Institute / ScienZ School

ScienZ Institute

Exploring the essence and clarifying the original form of people and society The ScienZ Institute conducts research and experiments to create an innovative society that is full of human intellect and affection, free from anger, conflict, discrimination and poverty, by studying people and society scientifically.
Based on exploring the essence of people and society, we are clarifying ways to manifest a society based on human nature and devising methods for that.
The research content and realization methods were tested and utilized in the As One Network activities around the world, including the As One Suzuka Community, and human resource development projects such as the ScienZ School and the ScienZ Academy, which became further research material for analysis.
We are creating a cycle of research - experiment - practice, that is, analysis, examination and elucidation.
The activities of the ScienZ Institute are closely linked to the actual life and social activities.
For the realization of the "One Society", we are conducting research activities so that the ScienZ Method can be used practically, and social systems without fixed and stagnant functions. In addition, the “SCIENZ Books” series is published in order to make people widely understand the concept of “SCIENZ”.

ScienZ School

Growing up as a human and demonstrating oneself
ScienZ School offers educational programs that allow each person to learn “ScienZ Method” for the purpose of “knowing human beings and living as human beings”, through the process of “knowing oneself, knowing life, and knowing society” from the ground up in the programs.
At ScienZ School, we focus on the growth of each person's humanity, that is, the growth of “heart” and “intelligence”.
A human originally has an intellectual desire and can grow as a human by "knowing" the world around him. It will enable to live a better daily living and a better life for you to know yourself, the people, things and societies supporting you, as well as to know your true wishes and the purpose of your life.
By developing the intelligence to observe yourself and explore what it really is, you will be able to walk with the people around you in your way of life, without being swayed by relationships or the surrounding environment. That is why various courses are held in the ScienZ School.
Programs of the ScienZ school are held in Japan, Korea, Brazil and Switzerland.
There are 7 courses in ScienZ School.

For first-time participants
to experience the ScienZ method
As One Seminar(1 week)
Basic courses
to know the foundation of oneself and
to be an intellectual person who can
honestly see and hear everything
The course to get to know oneself (1 week)
The course to observe oneself (4 days)
Naikan (observing inside of oneself, 1 week)
Advanced courses
to master the ScienZ method and to
be a person who can create the new
intrinsic society.
The course to get to know life (1 week)
The course to listen to a person (4 days)
The course to get to know societies (1 week)