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As One Seminar

Meet the world in which you really want to live

By reviewing everything from the ground up, you can free yourself from all kinds of ties and restrictions. And then you can start a human life freely and pleasantly.
This is a seminar in which you can learn about ScienZ Method to live your true color anytime, anywhere.
While discussing various themes with participants, we will explore them in a fun and deep way. Rather than having someone tell you or learn something, you will use your head to study closely.
In the midst of this, you will be freed from the beliefs and textures that you have assumed to be “common sense” and “obvious”, and you will be able to see a rich and bright world. This is an opportunity to “experience” a innovative way of using intelligence, learning connected to the real heart = ScienZ Method (human intelligence revolution).
When you join this seminar, the purpose of your life will become clear, you will be able to discuss anything with people close to you, and you will be able to live actively without any worries and anxieties. It will become clear that natural human relationships will become the basis for community development and company one.

New learning style

◆Participants explore various subjects through conversation together, pleasantly and deeply.
◆ There are no teachers nor instructors.
Participants explore oneself, life and societies by using one’s head.
◆ Through these processes, people are released from prejudices and complexes, and the free, abundant, and bright world are discovered.
◆ It is a new way of using intellect and a new way of learning to link to one’s heart. This is the opportunity in which people can experience to investigate using the ScienZ method.

Participation Requirements in Japan

Date: Please check on the website or ask us.
Period: 6 nights and 7 days training camp, first day 12:30 Last day 16:00
Participation fee: including meals and accommodation,
Adults 60000yen, Students 40000yen
Venue: ScienZ School Suzuka Institute
Contact: As One Seminar Secretariat

Where is As One Seminar held?