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Japan Map The As One Suzuka Community is an urban eco-community with a completely new style, established in 2001 in an ordinary city in Japan.*
In relationships where everybody can feel safe and secure with each other, each person can act in a proactive, independent way and by free will, talking and listening to each other, and it is precisely for this reason that all people and all things are interlaced in harmony.
There are no rules, restrictions, obligations or responsibilities.
In a community without delimitation and with no regulations for the members, we are moving forward our experiment day after day towards “a society where anybody can live according to their true heart”, free of all restraints and coercions.
Suzuka Community We plan and realize businesses without upper and lower classes or orders, and in which everyone can express and fulfill themselves, and we also try a social system in which it is possible to live in friendly relations with an intimacy such as a family and an economy in which no money is involved.
Diverse community businesses and all kinds of civic activities are developed voluntarily, and through these harmonious relationships and connections is constructed a Community.
We are also connected to the network of eco-villages and transition towns around the world.
Suzuka Community Map
* As a member of the Global Eco-Village Network (GEN), the As One Suzuka Community was selected as one of the 60 eco-villages in the world for the realization of a low-carbon society at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(COP21) held in Paris in 2015.