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A company in which people are satisfied and fulfilled

Cherish people

Aiming a company in which every person can fully develop and is satisfied and fulfilled The Community business enriches the community, in which individuals can also live a rich life. In such a company, there is no work that have to be done with the purpose of earning money.
It is just the work that people do because they want to do it. It is a company that prioritizes finding a suitable place where everybody can demonstrate their special ability and quality.
In a company where we can discuss everything without superiors, subordinates or penalties, we are working on creating a company that demonstrates the special abilities and qualities of all people and satisfies the hearts of all.

The Lunchbox Company “Ofukuro-san bento”

The Lunchbox Company

In 2007, we started to design a company that makes both employees and the people around them happy.
Hoping to deliver a “really delicious lunch box”, we are trying to run a company that operates through mutual conversations and that do not depend on hierarchical relationship or orders.
Our homely hand-made flavor is well received by the local population, and the number of sales is increasing year by year. Currently 1000 to 1500 meals per day are produced and sold. Many people come to visit as a showcase of "next organization management" and teal organization.


Suzuka Farm

It is a company established by young people who want to do agriculture rooted in Suzuka. It is a company that begins with the support, expectations and assistance of the local residents, and prospers together with the regional people.
From the farmer's position, we want to cooperate with the creation of an original society, so we deliver rice and vegetables to the “Community Space JOY” without intervention of money.
As the community people eat what we have produced, our joy and satisfaction increase more and more, which awakes our pure and honest heart.

Local Activities