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Living without intervention of money

Space JOY

Ownership, money and household economy are all fictions created by humans. Here, we break away from them and we are trying to create an economy without intervention of money.
There is no need for return, compensation, or reward for human activities. Everything comes from the impulse of the true wishes of the person, and these are actions and gifts coming from the heart.
The richness of these pure mutual gifts leads to the satisfaction and richness of the heart, not only of material wealth.
When the heart is enriched, it wants to use all people, things and energies optimally, and as a result, there is no waste and it will lead to a rational life with the right person in the right place.

Inner Economy without exchanging money

"The Community Space Joy" in which rice, vegetables, fruits come from the farms, cooked meals from the Lunch Box company. Daily goods and alcohol are purchased from outside. Joy's 93 members can take them freely. Books, cars, furniture as well as skills of hair-cutting, repairing etc. are shared. All members, including 70's, can use SNS to link information. Another trial, “One Household” economy of 63 core members and their family with no possession has made their livings free and develope.