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As One Suzuka Tour

Would you like to see the attempt for "The Next Society"?

Suzuka Farm The As One Suzuka Tour is an opportunity to catch a picture of “the next society” by touching the people and lives of the Suzuka community, which has been researching and experimenting since 2001.
The community aims that every person can live as he/she is. In other words, nobody have to decorate, gloss over, or protect oneself. Anyone can rest assured and stay at one’ s heart. Such a person-to-person connection is a cozy and friendly life.
In the “As One Study Tour”, you can see the actual situation of such a community, touch everyday life, taste dishes made with home-grown vegetables, interact with people.
And then you will come up with “something” that flows through the root. Whether you come with your family, friends, colleagues in your workplace, the “As One Tour” becomes an opportunity to think about an innovative “next society”!
The number of visitors from all over the world has increased. Suzuka Community progressing every day. Why don't you touch the present As One Community?

Contents of the program

The guide about history and formation of community.
Observation tour of each site in community.
Interchange with community members.
You can touch the part of practical community living.

Accommodation is provided at Visitors House.
(It may change due to the relationship with other events.)

Example of price of the tour

*It depends on the period, content and number of people. Please contact us.
1 night 2 days course2night 3 days course
Adult 15,000 yen
Student12,000 yen
Child8,000 yen
Adult30,000 yen
Student24,000 yen
Child16,000 yen
*Includes food, lodging and interpreter fees.
*All costs include tax.
*Children are ages 3 and up to elementary school. Children under 3 are free.