AS ONE COMMUNITY SUZUKA is a community, located in Suzuka city, Mie prefecture in Japan.
Suzuka is an hour distance from NAGOYA by car; facing Ise Bay on the east, and there are Suzuka Mountains running from north to south on the west.

Although the city is very famous for Suzuka F1 Grand Prix in the world, there are no differences from other Japanese ones at all. In such ordinary streets, AS ONE COMMUNITY is promoting its new approach step by step, to realize the "Yasashii Shakai", the simple, graceful and intimate society.

We think that not by personal way to chase his/her welfare and happiness, but by living and developing with people all around, including I myself, true peace of mind and satisfaction will be realized; which we can never fully cover with money and things. It is the most precious to have the opportunity to talk and consult any issues, we think so.
In short, this is the civil activities going together through conversation in order to keep getting better and higher for all time.

Aiming at the societies which have no anger nor arguing, no guilty nor punishment, and where anyone can live peacefully in harmony as one family without any unhappiness, even though the community scale is still small, we have been accumulating the studies and experiments to create ones on the globe.

Bringing up and cultivating the AS ONE COMMUNITY by each personal way, people in the community are active to realize such society as people can live peacefully and comfortably.

What is AS ONE ?

”AS ONE” expresses "the world of One"

Naturally, we human beings exist in "the world of One", we think. It is human nature that people all over the world become one peacefully and go to progress and develop forever.

AS ONE is also the expression as our community's aim that we realize "the world of One".

John Lennon clearly sang in his masterpiece "Imagine"
" The world will be as one"

As a social system

Under the construction