Ofukuro-san Bento Mommy's Lunch Box


Not for the company, but for staffs and employees

"Mommy's Lunch Box" company has been designed for persons since the beginning in 2005; neither no rules or staff's regulations to make persons obey. We are going together through conversation and consideration about from the sort of occupation, job specification, working pattern and hours upto salary, based on each one's demand and wish.
We have been trying together to realize the company which anyone can communicate and get energetic in each one's strong subject comfortably and pleasantly, not by binding employees with high and low relationship, orders nor penalties, but by peacefully understanding each other.
The social climate is the foundation of management, totally free from any kinds of mutual attack and opposition; this is the morale building for everyone to relaxingly talk about anything including each life and family.
Therefore Mommy's Lunch Box concentrates on the staff training and human resource development.

Historical Development

Dec, 2005------As-One Co.Ltd established
May, 2007------Mommy's Lunch Box (OFUKURO-San Bentou) started with 60 lunch boxes.
Apr. 2009-----The first outlet opened at Shiroko town.
Oct. 2009-----The second outlet opened at Yokkaichi city
Apr. 2013-----Yokkaichi outlet was closed
Sep. 2013-----Orders more than 1000 boxes per day recorded for the first time.
Oct. 2014-----Shiroko outlet was closed.
Dec. 2014-----Kitchen and Shop moved to the present location

Business details

Ofukurosan Bento (Mommy's Lunch Box) is a company which cooks and sales Handmade Lunch boxes, using rice and vegetables by Suzuka Farm Co.Ltd, one of As-One Group companies.
Handmade-style and food materials are recognized to be safe and reliable from customers. And the sale's style is enough easy for people to order from just 1 lunch box to deliver to their homes. In addition to such advantages their deliver- vans are pretty pink with a mascot character. That is why they have become quite popular in Suzuka city. Output in number has been increasing gradually and nowadays more than 1000 lunch boxes a day are ordered, including both ones for night meal and special event.
In December 2014 the kitchen factory and shop relocated on a broader street in order to expand the activities. And then a ratio of the store-based sales has been increasing. Some new approaches like meal service for various facilities and events have developed. The delivery areas are mainly Suzuka city and some parts of neighbor cities like Yokkaichi and Tsu city. However, in these days large orders have come from faraway cities like Ise City.
In the beginning days, staffs were a few. However, recently there are more than fifty employees. The age groups are wide range from 10s to 70s but the younger generations have become to lead step by step. We have made effort for anyone to talk relaxingly with the company about anything like each livelihood and family. Roles, salary and working hours are tried to be fit for each employee. There is nothing more valuable than persons, or there is not any rank-relationship, orders, nor punishments. Even the president is just a clerk of management. The company has entirely become like one big family.
A brand-image has firmly established itself, and so the sales figures have been well developing. Then the performance has become stable. We keep ensuring 10 percent profitability, which is well higher as a food industry. As the main causes, we have no leftovers, but a lot of employees who willingly want to work even if no salary. And another factor is efficient management as As-One group companies, like we can make good use of any vegetables with no market value from Suzuka Farm Co.Ltd,.