At the end of 2000, some members moved in Suzuka city in order to create the totally new society.
The next year, some other voluntaries answered their appeal. And then the new approach has been started to realize the society where everyone can live as one family peacefully.

Organization management, business management, family life, human relationship and some others--- they have worked on such issues. Through these trials and errors, the foundations of AS ONE COMMUNITY has been formed.

One of them is the Scienz School. Those who wish to establish themselves without hostility nor dependence, join to examine their ways of thinking and living. It is the place for such people to mature as a human being. In other words, the school is a wellspring for the social spirit that there is no need to accuse and control people.

Another one is the Scienz Institute. It has been conducting both the studies what elements function for human beings to mature and the devise of method for that. And by studies of new social structures it has been cleared what essentials operate them. The Scienz Institute works as the compass of community activities.

By these social bases, people can give priority to make free use of wisdom all around to review anything, not to suffer hardships nor pain without support. And so they can be active to establish businesses and go back to the beginning pleasantly and fascinatingly.

Such activities have given birth to their distinct style of industry activities only seen in AS ONE COMMUNITY. That works not only as economic activities to keep finances, but also as a place for people to develop themselves as human and also to show their personality and characteristic. These industry activities organized to their aim, AS ONE COMMUNITY's business model has been performed.

The closeness among people has become deep gradually and so that new spirit has naturally filled to overflow; people willingly want to bring out the best in people and things each other. Family life become open because they don't need to secure each property and they can interchange and circulate anything among people. They become to feel tired of doing along the social systems to pay each other for consideration. And then the new approach of social structures for new society has been started.

In 2012, "AS ONE Community Station" was located as a place where anyone can step by and make good use of anything frankly. At the same time "Community Life Office" was established as an information desk where people can consult any issues of their lives and take advantage of its good will like small children. "Community Life Store" is also opened as a shop in gift-economy basis where people can get rice, vegetables, dishes and some others as much as they want; as gifts from industry activities and personal hobbies.

AS ONE COMMUNITY is growing through trails and errors toward the aim to realize and keep conducting free and peaceful social structures.