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New Video! Child-rearing: "Cherish Story 1

It all started 7 years ago..."

This year, we're presenting the As One Style in the As One Network channel.

"Cherish Story 1: It all started 7 years ago..."
In 2015, with 3 children, we started a new kind of child-rearing. From the desire to care for each child with cherish and love, this environment was named "Cherish".
Now, with 12 children, there are 50 adults involved day and night in crafting this environment.
Mothers and staff of Cherish, Junna and Satomi tell Haruka, of the Scienz Academy, the tale of the path they went through...
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As-One Network News Mar.2021

Spring has come with cherry blossoms in full bloom. The misty moon is rising over the rape blossoms. It is true what they say, “A spring evening is worth a thousand dollars. Families are enjoying a stroll in the community. In this issue, we will introduce the new video with one of the As One Style, mothers and child rearing environment.
I hope you all enjoy beautiful days. Looking forward to hearing your feedback

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New Video! "Mothers" --Surrounded by a broad Family

As One Style: The Mothers in the Midst of Child-raising, Enjoying it with all the Heart
What is everyday life like for the mothers in the As One Community in Suzuka who are in the process of raising their children?
Why don't you come and see them together with the ScienZ Academy students?
From their lifestyles, you may get an impression of a “new image of mothers” and a “new image of the environment for the growing up of the children”...
(Subtitles are available in English, German, Korean, Portuguese and Japanese. )
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As-One Network News Feb.2021

"In this day and age in which it is a matter of course to perceive you and I as if we exist separately, we are forgetting that there is " a vast space, AIDA" including us, isn't there?"
As One Network joined GEN-Japan's Online Event in February. A keynote speaker, Shinichi Tsuji asked a question that would lead the audience from a world of separation to one of unity.

For example, the hundreds of trillions of bacteria and microorganisms in our bodies and in the air interact with each other in AIDA and create new existences in the vast AIDA. When we think about it, who could really say that you and I are separate?

It is the culture and community to be devices that could accept the overwhelming "unknowability" in its entirety. This newsletter is also one of such devices working for relationships of universal. 

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New Video! "The Youth Who Create the Present"

We have just finished a new video!
From now, we want to show you what the As One Style means!
Through child rearing, youth, seniors, businesses, economy and more, we'll show in practice what means to live with As One Style.

The first issue is "As One Style: "Youth" Part 1 Challenges for Growth".
Young men in their 30s and early 40s are involved in the operation and management of community's companies (Suzuka Farm and Ofukuro-san(Mummy)lunch boxes).
We listened to their story.
(Next time, we will listen to the stories of women in their 30s and early 40s as part 2 of "Youth".)
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As-One Network News Jan.2021

Happy New Year !
No matter how pressing the crisis seems to be, no matter how lost we feel in the darkness, at this moment, life is quietly breathing and keeping us alive. It seems that a new society will emerge as we weave our daily lives, understanding each other and using our intellect together.
It seems that a new movement has begun in various places to ensure the birth of a base in which people can truly talk to each other.
Looking forward to seeing what will develop in the New Year.
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New Video! "WHAT do you do at the SCIENZ ACADEMY?"

We have just finished a new video!
It is the third episode in a series of three videos about the ScienZ Academy, a learning place for young people who wish for a society where everyone can live as they really are.

After Diego and Heungmi's videos, now it's time for us to show our daily life at the Academy!
Each one here has something from the day to day things that they want to share, so have a look :)
Academy Life

Subtitles are available in English, German, Korean, Portuguese and Japanese.

*Vol.1 Diego(from Brazil) Nurturing People For The Next Society
*Vol.2 Heungmi(from South Korea) TO MY DEAR FRIEND

If you want to know more about the ScienZ Academy, click here 👉
Or, if you want to know more about the As One Network, go here 👉
And if you want to know more about the Suzuka Community, where the Academy happens, come here 👉
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As-One Network News Oct.2020

October is the most beautiful lunar season in Japan. Certainly many people enjoy moon viewing in the clear air. From this issue, a group of As One Network Japan has been participating in the creation of the newsletters to start introducing various activities around Japan. And hot news is the new video from the ScienZ Academy. I will invite you to take a look at it!
Looking forward to your feed back
Gratefully yours

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New Video! 「Scienz Academy」TO MY DEAR FRIEND

We have just finished a new video!

It is the second episode in a series of three videos about the ScienZ Academy, a learning place for young people who wish for a society where everyone can live as they really are.

This episode is about Heungmi from Korea. She was a student at the ScienZ Academy for two years and now lives as a member of the community. She takes care of the children in the schoolhouse.

The background of the video is a letter that Heungmi wrote to a dear friend from Korea, and it also introduces her everyday life.
ScienZ Academy Video 2
In the ScienZ Academy young people from all over the world come together.

The academy prepares the environment in which they can develop into people who are able to create places where people can live the way they really wish to, wherever they are in the world.

In order to learn this, they benefit from the whole everyday life and the workplaces.

The Suzuka Community of the As One Network offers them the environment to do so.
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Exhibition at the 10th International Peace Museum Conference


The International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP) is hosting "The Global Online Event of 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace (INMP 2020)" from 16 to 20 September as a global online event.

The International Network of Museums for Peace is a global network of peace museums that share the same desire to build a world culture of peace.

As One Network was invited by Emeritus Professor, Fujioka Atsushi of Ritsumeikan University, a leading peace activist, to participate in this project.

We will be showing a video and a presentation titled
"As One: True Peace, True Happiness".
We would like to think together on how people can cooperate to create a peaceful society.

details here

Another Online Forum with GEN-Japan

As a related project, we will be co-hosting an online forum with GEN-Japan.

Japanese Online Forum will be held on October 3 (Saturday).

English one is on October 4 (Sunday).

If you are interested in this event, please join us.

Japanese Online Forum
Saturday, October 3, 7:30-9:00 pM (free of charge)
[How do we create peaceful communities? 
The Possibility of Eco-Village and the Trial of Az One Network Suzuka Community]
Click here for details.

English Online Forum
October 4 : 23:00 - 24:30 (Japan Time)
(Participation fee: Free)
"How to create a peaceful community?
Promise of Ecovillage and Trial of As One Network Suzuka Community"
Click here for details.
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