For Entrepreneurs aiming at sustainable new economy

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The College for Community Building
The 2nd series for Entrepreneurs aiming at sustainable economy

19th to 21st, February

How can we realize the happy enterprises for people?

*Both presidents and employees can enjoy working
*No hierarchy, no orders, no punishments,
The enterprises running well, where all employees can lively work.
*No mutual attack, no opposition,
The enterprises people can talk out anything together.

Practical Studies on the site of Mammy's Lunch Box in As-One Community,
Suzuka, JAPAN

Mammy's Lunch Box is a community business of handmade lunch boxes. Employees
appear for work by each free will, but they can make and sell more than 1000
lunch boxes per day. No hierarchy, no orders, no punishments. the president
calls himself "a person in charge".

How can they realize such company? You can see their working on site.
Let us study the sustainable management by esteeming members each other!

Host: The college for sustainable community building
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With Support of GEN-Japan,

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GEN introduced As-One Community at COP 21 in Paris

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Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) was actively present at the Climate Conference in Paris in December,2015, both in the official zone, and sharing a booth with other organisation focusing on community-led change in the NGO area. As-One Community was introduced as a showcase of numerous best practices in terms of a fossil-free future
Now Gen distributes the stories in the Newsletter January 2016.

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Chasing economic growth has brought material wealth to Japan but also caused social problems and serious environmental challenges, such as climate change. The As-One Community of Japan (アズワンコミュニティ) responds to the question: "Could our community be fossil-free by 2020?"
(Even if you don't read Japanese, their page has nice photos

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Tea Time Concert 2015

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Tea Time Concert 2015 1
Autumn deepened into winter, and the mornings and evenings are getting cold.
"Tea Time Concert 2015" was held on sunny and calm Saturday afternoon at Suzuka Culture Station, Here is open for city people and the duo has enjoyed playing twice a year. Ms.Sowa (piano) loves this grand piano very much and also she has a piano-class for aged beginners here twice a month
Tea Time Concert 2015 2
Tea Time Concert 2015 3

Early winter at Suzuka Farm

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Harvest day of Green Soybeans!
They are well ripened native soybeans,Sweet and delicious!
Green Soybeans

See, Local Junior High School Students come!
The second year students learned observing the field of Suzuka Farm. They asked a lot how vegetables are growing and the way of maintain and some others.
This program has been started by a teacher. He lives near here and much interested in the process from uncultivated and ignored farmland to gradually developed farming field.
Local students come with Kobayashi

Free Money Systems Create Social Sustainability

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Gen-Japan Farming Park children
Free Money Systems Create Social Sustainability in Post-Tsunami Relief
---From Gen International News September 2015----

In 2011, Japan experienced a mega-earthquake with a resulting tsunami in the vast northeastern area of the country. Hiroko Katayama from the urban ecovillage, As-One, reports on the observation that the mutual support among victims is more sustainable when they can maintain money-free exchanges

What is As-One Community?

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Gen-Japan As one Ofukurosan
The Story of a 14-Year Community Creation Process

---From Gen International Newsletter January 2015---

In 2001, some volunteers gathered in Suzuka, Japan, aiming to realize a happy society free from fighting and opposition, in harmony with nature. A border-less community named “AS-ONE COMMUNITY” has been created in an ordinary neighborhood of Suzuka, a typical middle-size city and also well known as a city of the Honda company. Hiroko Katayama, GEN ambassador reports.