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Mr. Kazuhiro Arai, co-chairman of "eumo", visited us!


Mr. Kazuhiro Arai, co-president of "eumo", an empathetic community currency that proposes and practices a new way of money and society, visited As One Suzuka Community for the first time.
He visited us on the afternoon of Sunday the 23rd in conjunction with an open lecture hosted by GEN-Japan, and we showed him around the Mum's Lunchbox company, Suzuka Farm, and the community's HUB and space JOY.


Mr. Arai says that his mission is to realize an empathetic capital society, and he seemed to feel many things after being exposed to the actual As One Suzuka Community, which has been in existence for over 20 years.
He was especially interested in the fact that there is no conflict, no matter how different opinions may be, that there is a base for discussing anything, and that the society is based on the free will of every person.


As One Network also joined the "eumo" member stores this summer and is now able to accept "eumo" payments for participation fees for the Suzuka Tour.
With tomorrow's open lecture, we are very much looking forward to the future.


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