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Takuki Okada to Visit As One Brazil Community, Interacting in Brazil

Takuki Okada, a student at ScienZ Academy (As One Suzuka Community), has been visiting the As One Brazilian Community in Brazil since November to participate in an exchange program as part of the social development training program.

We asked him to report on the exchange from Brazil.

Takuki Okada, usually studies as a ScienZ Academy student in Suzuka, Japan.

We organize camps for Brazilian youths and children.
It is about a week-long camp set on a farm here in As One Brazil.
They can talk about anything in peace, play to their heart's content, learn and live in a safe environment, while experiencing and playing in agriculture, such as harvesting crops and collecting eggs from chickens.

This time, we held a camp (Chikyu-mura) for its staff to get together and draw about the future.
The staff members of this camp are all people who originally participated in the camp when they were children.
This time, we gathered mainly the younger generation among the staff members.


While I was involved with Gaia Youth in Japan as a staff member, I saw how each participant gradually opened his/her heart and how they naturally got to know each other, and I felt the possibility that human beings could be more.
Before participating in this camp, I had a meeting with the staff of this camp.
At that time, as I listened to the thoughts of the youth about the camp, I felt a sense of certainty that this is how human beings can really connect with each other.
Felix's (a ScienZ Academy student living in Japan) brother Axel, was our interpreter for the three days.


Why do I feel at ease here?
What elements make it so?
Let's first connect with people who want to realize these things.
Let's connect with each other so that we can become an environment where people can be at ease in each place and remain so.
It was a three-day event that seemed to spread the harmony of the connected hearts and minds throughout the world.


And last weekend, we also held a talk session for Brazilian people.
Roughly 35 people attended that day.
I thought it was amazing just the fact that someone had come to listen to a young Japanese man whom they did not know well.
This time, I mainly introduced ScienZ Academy and talked about the As One Network.
I asked Axel to do the interpretation again this time, and I was happy to think that I had gotten to know him well through this opportunity.
Everyone listened to the end of the talk and asked questions, and the two hours flew by.
It seemed that the expressions on the faces of those listening gradually softened, and I would be happy if something was left in each one of them.
I hope that this will lead to our activities not only in Japan but also in Brazil.
This was my first opportunity to speak for two hours alone, and I would like to have such an opportunity again somewhere in Japan.
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