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Comunidade As One Jaguariúna Information (Brazil)

In the city of Jaguariúna, located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, the creation of a new society has begun. The name of the project is "Jaguariúna As One Community".


The members are Kenji Minowa, Keigo Minowa, Kayo Minowa, Marceline and Diego.
Our brother Ryuji and Lucas and their families and Kenji's son also live with us.


The industry is poultry farming and farmland.

The Jaguariúna As One Community began in 1988 as a farm in the small town of Jaguariúna, in the province of San Patro.

In 2000, the members of the Jagaliuna community and the As One Suzuka community began to exchange experiences and stay in the Suzuka community, gradually creating a new style of community.

Recently, we have been trying to put more energy and heart into our chicken eggs to create a community of happy chickens and happy workplaces.


We are also holding [As One Seminars] in Brazil.

We want to actually create a new society while also nurturing the young people of the future and the people of the community in that place.


We want more and more people to know about this world, and in order for as many people as possible to come into contact with this desire, we are organizing As One Seminars and ScienZ School courses, as well as living and youth project campings, and so on.


Takuki Okada, a member of the As One Suzuka community in Japan, came to the site to interact with the local community and to give a talk about the activities in Japan.


Let's make everyone in the world happy!
With this thought in mind, something small but essential, even in Brazil! The first step in this direction has begun.
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