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Returning to Switzerland: After Alex Antje

Alex" and "Antje" who came to Switzerland and stayed at As One Suzuka community for 3 months from September.

They returned to the Swiss community in December and are now living there.


Here is a little bit from Alex's blog about what happened afterwards.

I am now a different person than I was before I went to Suzuka. I think that I was like that now and could just look freely in practical everyday life without effort is also a result of the regular As One meetings with Sakai-san and Diego and Nanako-san and Antje. And the telephone meetings with Marceline. Not all of these meetings were always pleasant for me. Sometimes it was almost too much for me or I had trouble finding something to say.

*They works in Switzerland, baking and selling bread, etc.

Maybe because I had bad experiences with meetings in Switzerland. But I think these meetings in Suzuka have brought me closer to the Alex I really am. This Alex seems to be someone who is calm inside and enjoys life with other people.

I can need more As One meetings.
I feel that I want to go back to Japan to learn more.

*Delicious bread made by Alex and Antje
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