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New Video! 「Scienz Academy」TO MY DEAR FRIEND

We have just finished a new video!

It is the second episode in a series of three videos about the ScienZ Academy, a learning place for young people who wish for a society where everyone can live as they really are.

This episode is about Heungmi from Korea. She was a student at the ScienZ Academy for two years and now lives as a member of the community. She takes care of the children in the schoolhouse.

The background of the video is a letter that Heungmi wrote to a dear friend from Korea, and it also introduces her everyday life.
ScienZ Academy Video 2
In the ScienZ Academy young people from all over the world come together.

The academy prepares the environment in which they can develop into people who are able to create places where people can live the way they really wish to, wherever they are in the world.

In order to learn this, they benefit from the whole everyday life and the workplaces.

The Suzuka Community of the As One Network offers them the environment to do so.
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