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As-One Network News Feb.2021

"In this day and age in which it is a matter of course to perceive you and I as if we exist separately, we are forgetting that there is " a vast space, AIDA" including us, isn't there?"
As One Network joined GEN-Japan's Online Event in February. A keynote speaker, Shinichi Tsuji asked a question that would lead the audience from a world of separation to one of unity.

For example, the hundreds of trillions of bacteria and microorganisms in our bodies and in the air interact with each other in AIDA and create new existences in the vast AIDA. When we think about it, who could really say that you and I are separate?

It is the culture and community to be devices that could accept the overwhelming "unknowability" in its entirety. This newsletter is also one of such devices working for relationships of universal. 

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