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On the New Year of 2022


Happy New Year to you all. I am pleased to be able to work with you this year through the activities of the As One Network.

21 years ago, As One Network Suzuka Community was born in a corner of Suzuka City by a few volunteers. They were eager to "realize a society where everyone in the world can live happily.

A family-like community has been created with various researches and trials since 2001. Now 200 people beyond blood relations join the community. In addition, network activities have been emerging and spreading to the abroad, by people who have come into contact with the community's reality.
And now people both of community and network are trying to create "one world" together.

Especially since last year, new visiters have been increasing. They are trying to create a new future; such as political leaders, government officials, people in the publishing industry, and people who are involved in the creation of eco-villages in various regions around Japan.

In the beginning of 2022, A Chinese Research team asks to cooperate for the rural reconstruction project of East Asia, and the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) call on to join their international exchange meeting for creation of an intrinsic education programs.

Looking around the world, it seems that there are few communities in urban areas that have been able to operate stably for more than 20 years. It' s also rare to find a community in the world that has the function of fostering human resources to create society.

In this sense, the Suzuka community is likely to attract more and more attention as a future social model.

This year, I would like to meet as many of you as possible and move forward together.
Let's do it together!

Hiroko Katayama (As One Network International office )
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