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【Serial No.2】Creating the Next Society

[Creating the Next Society] Second in a Series: Toward a society where people can live gently and without conflict from their heart.

Masashi Ono, ScienZ Institute, Inc.


Chapter 1.

3. What is the As One Network Suzuka Community like?

Some of you may be new to the As One Network Suzuka Community.
Here I would like to give you a brief overview of the community.
In a city that could be anywhere in Japan, an innovative and never before seen attempt is being developed.
Suzuka City in Mie Prefecture has a population of about 200,000 and is a regional city known for the Suzuka Circuit, an international racetrack, and Honda. Located about one hour from Nagoya by train or car, the city is sandwiched between the Suzuka Mountains to the west and Ise Bay to the east, and has a thriving agricultural industry.
In 2001, we started an experiment to realize a society in which people can live gently and without conflict from their heart. Toward the realization of this wish, we have been accumulating research and experiments through various experiences.

Although we call it a community, there are no rules or restrictions, and there are no obligations or responsibilities. Therefore, there are no boundaries from where to where we are As One Suzuka Community, and there are no rules on who is a member of the community. Most people live scattered within an area of about 1 kilometer around the Suzuka Culture Station, which serves as the center of the community. At first glance, the way of life may seem to be the same as that of ordinary people, but in reality, people have formed relationships that are closer than that of a family, and a lifestyle similar to that of a large, close family has become a reality.

While blending into the city, various community businesses and various civic activities are spontaneously developed, related and connected to each other, forming an one community.
The company is a place where people can fulfill themselves by bringing out their individual talents.
The community is designed and implemented as a close family-like living arrangement.
Organizational management that allows everyone to act of their own free will, and an economic mechanism that requires no money or reward are being attempted.
We have also begun to create a child-rearing environment in which children can grow and develop as they are.
We also provide a place to learn about community building and living in a new world, and many people from all over Japan and the world have come to study with us.

Click here for the As One Network Suzuka Community website
Click here for the as one network YouTube channel

4 What is a society where people can live gently and without conflict from their heart?

~Why don't you just give up on such a thing as being impossible?

What do you think when you hear the phrase "a society where people can live gently and without conflict from their heart?
"It's like a religion!"
"That's an ideal, but history has shown us that there are always wars, and people always keep fighting."
"Even within a community of people with the same interests, even between married couples, there are always disagreements and fights. Conflict is a part of life."
"I don't care if you are a saint or not, as an ordinary person, it is normal for me to be angry and it is impossible for me to be without conflict. It's unrealistic to think the whole world would be like that!"
"If everyone lived by their heart, wouldn't the world be a mess?"

It seems that such voices can be heard from all over the place.
However, I am sure that those who are willing to read this article will have hopes such as "Such a society would be really nice" or "It may be impossible, but I would like to see such a society if possible," or they will agree with me and say "No, I am sure we can do it" !

Human beings have demonstrated an amazing ability to research and develop things and technologies, and have achieved one thing after another that we could not have dreamed of a hundred years ago, or even when I was a child.
We can video chat with people on the other side of the world with a smartphone, we can understand the microscopic world, and we can even travel into space.
I think it is truly an amazing ability.

For some reason, people with such imagination and creativity do not seem to be making much progress when it comes to human themselves and their society, or rather, they seem to be creating an increasingly complex and difficult state of life.
When it comes to humans and society, does the dream remain a dream?

I believe that if we could utilize our imagination and creativity for human beings and society, "a society where people can live gently and without conflict from their heart." would not be a dream.
Why is it that the wonderful abilities of human beings are not used to humans themselves and their society?

I believe this is because there is a deep "assumption," "fixed ideas," and "resignation" toward humans and society. (See Chapter 1, Paragraph 6.) This is why we have become indifferent to the ideal human being and ideal society.

"If you look at human history, there have always been wars, so humans are animals that fight. That's why conflict will never go away."
In today's chaotic society, as people grow up, they often come to perceive things in this way unwittingly.

Is this really true? Is that what humans are like?

Thousands of years of history of wars and conflicts may have led us to develop a resigned view of people and society and an assumption that "people fight" and "it is difficult to live with one's true heart".
Even if the history of conflict is like that, it may be possible to change it with the wonderful ability of human beings.
If we can rethink back to zero-point, I don't think it will be too difficult to free ourselves from resignation, fixed ideas, and assumptions.
I believe that everyone in the world truly desires "a society where people can live gently and without conflict from their heart.
I believe that human beings have the power to make this wish a reality.
For example, when it comes to conflicts, if we can find the causes of conflicts and eliminate them, I believe we can end conflicts. I believe that we can eliminate anger in our hearts and minds, and I believe that we can also eliminate interpersonal conflicts and wars in society.

As for "happiness," if we do not know what "happiness" is, and if you are doing things just to be "happy," it is like running without knowing where you are going. I believe that happiness will be realized when we clarify and clearly know what "happiness" is. (If I start explaining what "happiness" is, it will take a long time, so let me simply describe it as "a way of living without strain and in accordance with the reason of the natural world, in other words, a way of living in harmony with everything without strain and with ease, comfort, and fulfillment.)

When you read these sentences, you may think, "That's impossible," or "Don't say such difficult things".
Isn't that where "giving up" and "making assumptions" come in? I think.

I would like to take a fresh look at common sense as well as my own way of looking at things, from zero. I think this is a very important point of view. We have to put aside our thoughts of "it's impossible" and "there's no way it can be done," and reevaluate our thinking to see if it might be possible.

If we had remained in the mindset of "there is no way we can fly," I don't think the airplane would have been invented.
"I want to fly." "Maybe I can fly." There are advanced people who have freed themselves from such current beliefs and give up, and they say, "I can fly! ”
It is possible to fly--such fact was shown to the world, I believe that as a result, people around the world have changed their views.
Today, airplanes fly around the world as a matter of course, and we are able to travel freely. It has only been a little more than 100 years since the Wright Brothers' first successful flight.

Once a model is made, seeing a real-world example will make people say, "Yes, I can do that!"and people will be excited by the possibilities. Even if it is something that everyone initially gave up on as "impossible,---"

This is not just wishful thinking. Through over 20 years of research and experimentation at the As One Network Suzuka community, I have come to realize that the world we truly desire can be realized if we use our amazing human abilities.
It is not by learning a religion or special teachings or using special abilities. I believe it is possible if we use the intelligence and intellect that humans possess that has brought about so much progress like today in civilization.

To be continued
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