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Gaia Youth Visit As One Suzuka Community on Tour

ガイアユース アカデミー生スタッフ

First Gaia Youth Tour As One Suzuka Community

The UNESCO certified education program Gaia Youth (organized by GEN-Japan) is being held for the first time in Japan, and as part of the learning experience, a tour of the As One Suzuka community was held on Saturday, March 26.
They were all in their early 20s from various parts of the country, and Academy students who live and study in the community also gave tours and interacted with them.

ガイアユース ツアーおふくろさん

In their final impressions, they said.

* When I first heard about this community, it sounded utopian and unrealistic, but as I went around and came into contact with actual people of my generation, it became more realistic and vivid. There is something exciting about it."



At SUZUKA FARM. Talking with the academy students here.



The last session was about community life. At the community space JOY and HUB.
They were excited to get to know run the economy without money exchange among people. That is an innovative economy based on respecting each individual and supporting each other to maximize their potential.

ガイアユース リラックスおしゃべり
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