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Focus on the Economic Commons; Representative Nao Suzuki


Mr. Nao Suzuki, the representative of NPO, participated in the As One Suzuka Tour. He had heard about As One for a long time and had always wanted to visit.
He came to the Suzuka community for the first time when he became an instructor of Gaia Youth for young people, the first term of which started yesterday, on 24th March.


During the two days and one night, he seemed to be deeply inspired by the actual company of the community, the atmosphere of daily life, and the dialogue with the people who live there.

From his final impressions;
"The company is feeding a large family by raising and creating economic commons well(such as Mother's LunchBox producing and delivering company and SUZUKA FARM).
Everyone's sense of well-being was very great, and I could feel it.
I thought it was a very amazing project, a rare example in Japan and the world."


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