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From a long-established Restaurant to an Ideal One @ Yoshitomo Matsuo

Yoshitomo Matsuo joined "As One Style Experience Program" after learning one of the courses of the the ScienZ School in March.
Matsuo runs a kappo restaurant as a successor in the west part of Japan, that is famous long-established one. He hopes to be able to innovate the new one like Mother's Lunchbox producing and delivering company of As One Community, without having people move hierarchically or bind each other with obligations and rules.

(Ms. Matsuo is in the center of the photo)


The following is Ms. Matsuo's account of his experience.

Experiencing Ofukuro-san Bento

I heard of Ofukurosan Bento, a lunch box producing and delivering company, from Mr. Yoshioka a long time ago. I thought that would help me create my ideal workplace, in which I could work happily and effortlessly while laughing together.

When I was able to get some time off due to the Corona disaster, I experienced Ofkuro-san Bento company after I participated in the ScienZ School.
I mainly served the food in line with other company members, concentrating on serving the food. Although they were doing what was in front of them, each one of them worked with a sense of spaciousness to look around as a whole, and I could sense that they were smiling and caring about any little mistakes.
I also caught a glimpse of my ideal atmosphere when a mistake happend in the number of lunch boxes and everyone involved discussed what to do about it.
Afterwards, I also joined the vegetable cutting work in the preparation process, and I was able to have fun while listening to Mr.Shogo-san, who was with me in the course, tell me about the workflow and other details.
I was able to experience and watch the entire process and how the world I could see reacted to and recognized it, and the feeling of being able to enter without resistance.
I would like to thank all the people at Ofkurosan Bento and the Network office secretariat.
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