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Serial No.4 Method of Realization

Toward a Society Where People Can Live Gently and Without Conflict from their heart.
Masashi Ono, ScienZ Institute, Inc.

Chapter 1 

7 . Method of Realization
~A Way for Everyone to Live as Human Beings without Binding Each Other

In the process of creating the As One Suzuka community, the various human problems have occured among us as I mentioned before.
We were confronted with the current situation where people bind each other and unable to discuss due to assumptions and fixed ideas.

In various books, you will find that assumptions and fixed ideas are the causes of anger, bad feelings, and conflict. When you hear that, you think, "How can I get rid of them?" and "Let's try not to have assumptions and fixed ideas!" Many people try to consciously avoid such things, make efforts to avoid them, or try to tell themselves not to do so.
However this kind of thinking pattern may have a temporary effect, I don't think it will fundamentally solve, that is, eliminate the problem from the ground. I think many people have such experiences as anger. And "It's normal to have anger and bad feelings! We all have assumptions and fixed ideas," and we may often give up.
Einstein said, "You cannot solve problems with the same mindset that created them. " This is exactly what you are doing. With the same mindset, you are thinking, "How can we get rid of it?"

We were the same way. We have always known about the harmful effects of fixed ideas and we have been making efforts to prevent them from happening. But they will not go away with that.
We were faced with the reality; even though we had been trying to start up As One Suzuka community attempt from zero since 2001, we had not been able to go beyond that. Finally we came to realize that we could not achieve it with the theories, methods, and schemes we had been using,in order to create an innovative ideal society that had never existed before. In 2004, we launched the ScienZ Institute and felt the need to review and explore everything from zero, on a completely new horizon, and we decided to concentrate on the research activities in earnest.

In the process, instead of thinking "What do I do?"and "What if I do this?", we found the new path, that is a scientific inquiry, asking "Why?" and "What is going on? "

We have named this approach "ScienZ," from the initials Scien (Scientific Investigation of Essential Nature) and Zero (zero, nothing, empty...).

We are capable of great things and technology, but we are not able to achieve our full potential in the sphere of "human beings" and "societies". The reason or law of things and the natural world cannot be determined by human ideas, can it? By observing the actual state of things and the natural world, we discover the underlying reason or law.
However, on the human beings and society, we often judge based on human ideas such as "this is the way it is," "this is the way it should be," and "that is good or bad. It is usual for people not to try to find reason or law, but to make decisions left and right.

Even in concrete situations, for example, when a machine breaks down, if you watch it carefully and ask, "What's going on? If you observe it carefully, the cause of the problem will become clear, and you will naturally know what to do about it. If you do not know the cause of the problem, and you keep saying, "This is the way to do it," or "This is the way it should be done," the situation will become more and more complicated.

What does "of course" mean? What is the meaning of "should"? When we explore these questions, we can see the mechanism. Why has such a mechanism been formed? Where is the state of fixed ideas that binds self and others? How does it work? and some others, can be grasped by oneself. You will be able to see that what you have taken for granted is in fact an unfounded assumption or a fixed belief. When we explore anger, worries, and conflicts in this way, we can naturally move in the direction of dissolving them once the mechanisms of these feelings become clear.

In other words, when we explore the reasons of conflicts and bad feelings, we find that the cause is "attachment to one's own thoughts," which is formed from "psychological pressure due to coercion, bondage, and some others. Attachment to one's own thoughts" refers to a state of "fixed ideas" or "I have to do something". We have developed a method to eliminate this attachment.
We named it the "ScienZ Method.

For example, let's say something happens in the community that you think, "That's a big problem!" And then you immediately think, "I have to do something to solve it," or "What should I do? and then take action. But even in this case, what is the "problem"? "What is actually happening?" "What is going on inside my mind and emotions?" What do I really want to do? What do I want to be? When we observe and explore these questions, we can see what is going on, clarify the causes, and discover our deepest wish, and naturally find a path to the dissolution of disharmony.

Based on the idea of "ScienZ," we call our consistent method "ScienZ Method," which starts from "knowing human beings" to "realizing a society" where people can live as true human beings.
Awareness of the fact that it is a human idea": become aware of "fixed ideas" (it must be done).
How is the fact, how is the reality?" ・・・・
Turning to the actual world
What is the nature, essence, and truth?
Knowing the reason of the natural world. Knowing the deepest wish of human beings. Knowing the true nature of human beings.
Through the process of
This is the method of "realizing the ideal. ・・・・A society that follows the laws of nature = a society where there is no conflict, everyone is intimate with each other, and everyone lives from the heart.

When written like this, it may sound difficult.
But actually, I think it is the easiest and simplest way to live as a human being.
As you get to know human beings, you will find one element after another that hinders human nature. If we remove them, I think we will naturally see what a human is.
Birds, butterflies, and animals in the natural world live as they are without making any effort to be as they are! Humans seem to have bound themselves to "this must be done" and "this must not be done" with human thinking, and this has undermined their humanness. By becoming aware of and removing the "fictions" that bind us to ourselves, we can return to our original human nature.

This method can be applied not only to the As One Suzuka community, but to anyone and everywhere. Many people not only in Japan but also in Korea, Brazil, Switzerland, and other countries have learned this method and are using it in situations such as good human relations, community building, company management, share-houses, and child-rearing.
I would like you to see this method in use at one of our sites. It is so comfortable, simple, easy, and pleasant to see people living their lives as they are.
And I hope that anyone who wants to make use of this method will do so.
What do you do?" Do this?" I hope that people will move away from the "to-do" thinking patterns of "What's going on? What do I really want to do? We call this the "Human Knowledge Revolution.
If you would like to learn more about the ScienZ Method, please attend As One Seminar. In addition, the ScienZ Institute has published a book explaining ScienZ.

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