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[ScienZ Academy] New students enroll from the abroad!


The "ScienZ Academy" was established in 2018, aiming to foster younger people who can manifest and realize a "happy world without conflicts".

Click here for more details about 【ScienZ Academy】.


With the cooperation of the As One Suzuka community, students can experience the way of living, working and someothers, on As-One Style Life in the atmospehere as close relationship like one-family.


Since two students graduated and moved on to the next stage of society building in March this year, 5 new students from Korea, 1 from Switzerland, and 2 from Japan, totally 16 ones have started their new [ScienZ Academy] Life.

Julia from Switzerland and Tamaki from Osaka, Japan.

Souta Totsuka, a new student from Shizuoka, Japan

Currently, 16 students, including new students, are studying at ScienZ Academy

Young people who want to create a society in which all people can live happily gather at ScienZ Academy one after another, learn together, make the most of every opportunity to learn, grow as human, learn and acquire the ScienZ Method, and fly out into the world as human resources who can create the next society on site.

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