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Brazil - As One Community Letter

In the As One Community in Brazil, a camp for young people is held on a regular basis. Many young people participate.


This month, we had a meeting with the members who are staffing the "Brazilian As One Community Youth Camp".
LEO, who is studying as a "ScienZ Academy Student" at the As One Community in Japan, also returned to Brazil for the first time in a while and participated in the meeting.

LEO, a student of ScienZ Academy. Attending a meeting in Brazil from Japan.

"What are we trying to accomplish at the youth camp?"
"What are our goals, what do we want to achieve?"

First of all, it is important for the staff members to get along well with each other and be able to talk about anything and everything, so that the young people who will participate in the camp can understand what we are trying to achieve.

"The staff members this time ranged from 17 to 39 years old. I felt that the young people were very motivated to create something together for the next generation", said LEO.


It seems that there are many young people in Brazil who would like to visit the As One Community in Japan and are also interested in the ScienZ Academy.
We are sure that exchanges with Brazil will become more and more active in the future.

Diego" (rightmost photo),is studying in the As One Community in Japan.
Diego is also creating the next society in Brazil by studying between Brazil and Japan.
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