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As One Network News Oct. 2022


As One Network News October 2022

The typhoons have passed. While many people are still working hard to recover from the massive disasters, our sympathies are with those who affected by the disaster. At the same time, we suddenly realize that we are now in the midst of autumn, the season of harvest. The buzzing cicadas had been replaced by the cool singing of bellbirds, and red dragonflies are playing over the fields after rice was harvested.
Indeed, the mother earth has given us free present of its infinite abundance. Having received such a gift, how can we make the most of it and pass it on to the next generation?
The earth continues to nurture living beings by giving them abundance without asking for anything in return.
We humans were born from the same planet, originally "one".
But people and people have been repeatedly fighting and opposing each other for a long time.
Why is this? Human beings are not like this, we think.
Again, this month's As One Network News will be a report on the activities of people in various regions, who believes in the possibility of human beings and wishes for their happiness.
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