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New Video! Child-rearing: "Cherish Story 1

It all started 7 years ago..."

This year, we're presenting the As One Style in the As One Network channel.

"Cherish Story 1: It all started 7 years ago..."
In 2015, with 3 children, we started a new kind of child-rearing. From the desire to care for each child with cherish and love, this environment was named "Cherish".
Now, with 12 children, there are 50 adults involved day and night in crafting this environment.
Mothers and staff of Cherish, Junna and Satomi tell Haruka, of the Scienz Academy, the tale of the path they went through...
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New Video! "The Youth Who Create the Present"

We have just finished a new video!
From now, we want to show you what the As One Style means!
Through child rearing, youth, seniors, businesses, economy and more, we'll show in practice what means to live with As One Style.

The first issue is "As One Style: "Youth" Part 1 Challenges for Growth".
Young men in their 30s and early 40s are involved in the operation and management of community's companies (Suzuka Farm and Ofukuro-san(Mummy)lunch boxes).
We listened to their story.
(Next time, we will listen to the stories of women in their 30s and early 40s as part 2 of "Youth".)
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