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As One Network News 2023 New Year Issue


Happy Lunar New Year, 2023!

Wish you all a healthy and happy.
How was the year 2022 for you?
As seen by the war between Russia and Ukraine, conflicts and disputes remain unresolved. And as shown by the birth rate, it has become a difficult social reality even to produce, nurture and sustain the next generation.
Once again, as we approach 2023, it is the most urgency of the As One Network's aims, "to realise a happy society without conflict", is now firmly in place.
Let everyone in the world be happy!" With this fundamental wish in our hearts and minds, let us join hands firmly with like minded people around the world and move forward strongly.
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As One Network News December 2022

As One Network News December 2022

Snow has started falling on streets and fields around Japan, after colored leaves were dancing in the cold wind. Such beautiful scene reminds us that we are living in winter. How quickly the season is passing.
Lots of people, around the world, seemed enthusiastically watching the football games on TV. While watching the World Cup games every four year, I once again wonder "What are national borders? What is a country? I think about it.
It may seem ridiculous to other living creatures to see humans drawing lines on land that originally belonged to no one, arguing about who owns each. Originally human beings are like a family living on this Earth that belongs to no one.
We all want to live together in harmony, sharing our wisdom. Such a wish seems to be in everyone's heart.
This month, we will bring you another report on the As One Network, which is working around the world to realize such a wish.

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As One Network News November 2022

As One Network News November 2022

The fields and mountains begin to turn reddish red, orange, and yellow, and soon the entire valleys are woven into a gorgeous fabric like a brocade. The season is changing. The fallen leaves reflect the glory sunset, and soon be covered by the evening twilight, getting darker by the day.
It seems like only a few days ago that I thought the year 2022 had just begun. While I was occupied with immediate tasks, there are just two months left of this year. It is amazing how fast time flies.
In October, As One Network has a lot of activities around the various regions. A training camp was held in northeastern Japan. Brazil had the As One Seminar. In Switzerland and Germany, preparations a steadily underway for the ScienZ School and the As One Seminar over the year-end and New Year holidays. And the Suzuka Community is lively with many people visiting the tour every weekend. Many new encounters have been made, and we are already looking forward to the year 2023 with excitement.
This month we will continue to bring you the most up-to-dates from around the world in the AS ONE Network News.

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As One Network News Oct. 2022


As One Network News October 2022

The typhoons have passed. While many people are still working hard to recover from the massive disasters, our sympathies are with those who affected by the disaster. At the same time, we suddenly realize that we are now in the midst of autumn, the season of harvest. The buzzing cicadas had been replaced by the cool singing of bellbirds, and red dragonflies are playing over the fields after rice was harvested.
Indeed, the mother earth has given us free present of its infinite abundance. Having received such a gift, how can we make the most of it and pass it on to the next generation?
The earth continues to nurture living beings by giving them abundance without asking for anything in return.
We humans were born from the same planet, originally "one".
But people and people have been repeatedly fighting and opposing each other for a long time.
Why is this? Human beings are not like this, we think.
Again, this month's As One Network News will be a report on the activities of people in various regions, who believes in the possibility of human beings and wishes for their happiness.
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As One Network News Sep.2022


As One Network News September 2022

The hot and humid days are still ongoing.
Here in Suzuka City, Japan, in which the As One Network office is located, rice harvesting has already begun. The aroma of rice straw is carried by the flowing wind, and we can feel the richness of the autumn harvest. On the other hand, natural disasters such as heat waves, water shortages, heavy rains and floods are being reported. I cannot help but sincerely hope for the health of everyone affected by these disasters and for the earliest possible recovery. As human beings living on the same planet, we would like to contribute our wisdom and strength to realize a society in which all people can live happily. This summer, interest in the As One Network has been growing overseas as well. Following the holding of lectures in Brazil and the first as-one seminar in Switzerland, the first lecture in Germany was held near Berlin. The youth movement has also begun in Japan.
This month's issue is also full of information from Japan and abroad. Please take a look.
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As One Network News August 2022


As One Network News August 2022

We hope everyone is doing well these days as falling cicadas descend upon us.
This year, for the first time in several years, summer festivals and fireworks displays were held in various areas filled with families, Once again, the presence of people who are working for the happiness of everyone in their local communities comes to the front of my mind.
The AS ONE Network has also started new and powerful activities overseas. The "As-One Seminar" was held in Switzerland for the first time. Diverse people from all over Europe participated in the seminar, and they were able to free themselves from anger, judgment, and assumptions while becoming aware of their true desires.
This month, we will continue to bring you updates from around the world. Please take a look.
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As One Network News July 2022


As One Network News July 2022

When violence seems to take over the world, and when we give up, sit down in the darkness or in turn become confrontational,
if we stop and ask ourselves "what is really going on?,, let us see what we would find there
You will realize how much you strongly want to talk everything in peace. In other words, Everyone really wants to be listened to, to be known carefully, and to understand better "together on the earth".
Once we can get to know such relief and warm atmosphere as emerging between us; who can listen to each other, you will want to do so more and more. The "As One" network is a network that can be done by each proactive citizen uniting to create a communication platform. That is for dialogue and exploration in various parts of the world, while becoming an environment for such proactive each other.
Today, we will continue to bring you the activities that are quietly unfolding in the streets, workplaces, and homes of the world. We are creating societies, in which people can live in peace from the bottom of their hearts.
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As-One Network News June.2022


AsOne Network News June 2022

After the rice planting, Japan has a month-long rainfall during June.
In the Edo period, Basho wrote a haiku about this season;
“The summer rains, how swiftly flows Mogami River.”
And then the summer season is approaching, when "life" is in full swing.
It seems that for the first time in a long time, there were many face-to-face events and activities in the field, and we have received news of joy and success from around the country.
Not only in Japan, but in Europe, finally, the first As One Seminar will be held next month.
In everyone's heart there is an essential desire to "live happily among people and with people" and "create a happy world without conflict".
We will continue to bring you this month's "As One Network News" with scenes from various places where such wishes have appeared.
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As One Network News May 2022


As One Network News May 2022

In Japan, fresh greenery season has come.
The surrounding rice fields are filled with fresh water, and rice planting has already been done here in Suzuka City, where the As One Network office is located.
As usual, rice farming starts toward the harvest season. That will bring affluence and enrichment to people's lives. In this way, we are alive and thriving again in the long-lasting chain of life on the earth.
In the midst of this connection, we can ask ourselves what we want to pass on to the next generation, what we want to inherit. The "AS ONE Network" is a solidarity of people who wish to create the next society and truly realize their wish. This month, we will continue to send you a piece of our activities in the email news.
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As-One Network News Apr.2022


As One Network News April 2022

Right now flowers are in full bloom all around Japan.
Here at the As One Suzuka Community, in which the Network office is located, young people in their twenties have been visiting one after another with the arrival of spring. They have been featured in eco-villages around the country and on the Internet or online sessions, and they come to the As One Community to actually learn, for short to long term stays.
Even though it seems as if society is trapped in anxiety and fear, the breath of life is evident here. The next generation of young people is rallying together and trying to join forces. Society is bound to change, starting with each and every one of them. What a great hope-filled spring of 2022!
This month, we will continue to bring you information about the As One Network.
Let's keep moving forward together!
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