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As-One Network News Apr.2022


As One Network News April 2022

Right now flowers are in full bloom all around Japan.
Here at the As One Suzuka Community, in which the Network office is located, young people in their twenties have been visiting one after another with the arrival of spring. They have been featured in eco-villages around the country and on the Internet or online sessions, and they come to the As One Community to actually learn, for short to long term stays.
Even though it seems as if society is trapped in anxiety and fear, the breath of life is evident here. The next generation of young people is rallying together and trying to join forces. Society is bound to change, starting with each and every one of them. What a great hope-filled spring of 2022!
This month, we will continue to bring you information about the As One Network.
Let's keep moving forward together!
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As-One Network News Mar.2022


As One Network News March 2022

Seasons turn, and spring has come. It is the time when all things begin to move dynamically, and we hope everyone on the globe can celebrate such transition of the natural world. However, it seems that true spring is still far away in the human world.
Whenever we are exposed to news of wars or conflicts, we suffer; how the people there are doing, and whether they are having food and clothing during this cold season.
We strongly hope to eliminate any conflicts and confrontations from this world as soon as possible. From the starting point, we will sincerely work together with everyone to build the world we want to realize through the activities of the AS ONE Network a reality for sure. It is impossible not to hope so strongly.
First of all, let us build the inner-world without conflict and confrontation, starting from our selves. And then, with your wisdom and strength, we will build a conflict-free community, even if it is small.
This month, we will continue to report on the activities of our kind and supportive friends.
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As-One Network News Feb.2022


As One Network News February 2022

Happy Lunar New Year!
The calendar is telling us that spring has arrived, but the days are still cold.
During January, many people have come to see at the As One Suzuka community; those who believe in the potential of people... They are visiting one after another and connecting with each other.

On February 24th Russian forces launched a massive military operation in Ukraine. Now, it is reported that a considerable number of people on both sides have been harmed. In truth, no one wants to fight.

Since 2001, As One Suzuka Community has started building a model society based on research and trials, in which all people can live without any conflicts and in harmony with nature.
This month, we will introduce the process of Suzuka community building by Masashi Ono. He has been working on from the beginning as a member of the ScienZ Institute of As One Network.
We believe that wishes and actions for peace will become a major trend, and we would like to link with such people who wish for this around the world.
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As One Network News 2022 New Year Issue


As One Network News 2022 New Year Issue

Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a happy and healthy New Year. Thank you very much for reading the As One Network News.
In 2022, we will continue to provide you with monthly updates and information on the active and heartwarming activities of people in Japan and abroad. We are looking forward to working with you this year.
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As-One Network News Mar.2021

Spring has come with cherry blossoms in full bloom. The misty moon is rising over the rape blossoms. It is true what they say, “A spring evening is worth a thousand dollars. Families are enjoying a stroll in the community. In this issue, we will introduce the new video with one of the As One Style, mothers and child rearing environment.
I hope you all enjoy beautiful days. Looking forward to hearing your feedback

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As-One Network News Feb.2021

"In this day and age in which it is a matter of course to perceive you and I as if we exist separately, we are forgetting that there is " a vast space, AIDA" including us, isn't there?"
As One Network joined GEN-Japan's Online Event in February. A keynote speaker, Shinichi Tsuji asked a question that would lead the audience from a world of separation to one of unity.

For example, the hundreds of trillions of bacteria and microorganisms in our bodies and in the air interact with each other in AIDA and create new existences in the vast AIDA. When we think about it, who could really say that you and I are separate?

It is the culture and community to be devices that could accept the overwhelming "unknowability" in its entirety. This newsletter is also one of such devices working for relationships of universal. 

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As-One Network News Jan.2021

Happy New Year !
No matter how pressing the crisis seems to be, no matter how lost we feel in the darkness, at this moment, life is quietly breathing and keeping us alive. It seems that a new society will emerge as we weave our daily lives, understanding each other and using our intellect together.
It seems that a new movement has begun in various places to ensure the birth of a base in which people can truly talk to each other.
Looking forward to seeing what will develop in the New Year.
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As-One Network News Oct.2020

October is the most beautiful lunar season in Japan. Certainly many people enjoy moon viewing in the clear air. From this issue, a group of As One Network Japan has been participating in the creation of the newsletters to start introducing various activities around Japan. And hot news is the new video from the ScienZ Academy. I will invite you to take a look at it!
Looking forward to your feed back
Gratefully yours

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The First Issue of English News Letter

This is the first regular feature of monthly English newsletter to people with whom we have shared a special relationship. We would like to communicate in English about the As One Network Suzuka Community and the As One Network activities around the world. We welcome your thoughts, news and feedback. It is very honored for us to go together toward the world as one.

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The FIrst English Letter
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