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Exhibition at the 10th International Peace Museum Conference


The International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP) is hosting "The Global Online Event of 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace (INMP 2020)" from 16 to 20 September as a global online event.

The International Network of Museums for Peace is a global network of peace museums that share the same desire to build a world culture of peace.

As One Network was invited by Emeritus Professor, Fujioka Atsushi of Ritsumeikan University, a leading peace activist, to participate in this project.

We will be showing a video and a presentation titled
"As One: True Peace, True Happiness".
We would like to think together on how people can cooperate to create a peaceful society.

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Another Online Forum with GEN-Japan

As a related project, we will be co-hosting an online forum with GEN-Japan.

Japanese Online Forum will be held on October 3 (Saturday).

English one is on October 4 (Sunday).

If you are interested in this event, please join us.

Japanese Online Forum
Saturday, October 3, 7:30-9:00 pM (free of charge)
[How do we create peaceful communities? 
The Possibility of Eco-Village and the Trial of Az One Network Suzuka Community]
Click here for details.

English Online Forum
October 4 : 23:00 - 24:30 (Japan Time)
(Participation fee: Free)
"How to create a peaceful community?
Promise of Ecovillage and Trial of As One Network Suzuka Community"
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Why I have been visiting to observe AsOne Community for ten years.

Interview with Professor Hahn
Hahn & Tsuji & Hiroko
"Sustainable City and People
In March 2019, Prof. Ekhart Hahn from Germany visited the As One Network Suzuka Community (hereinafter referred to as the As One Suzuka Community). As One Suzuka Community has been trying to manifest a sustainable urban community as a social experiment since 2001. Prof. Hahn is a pioneer in the study of eco-friendly urban planning known worldwide for many pilot projects. Even though he is at the age of 77, his challenging work keeps attracting attention from lots of professionals.

By the time he visited this community in 2009, there were no landmark buildings that stood out. After his first study tour of As One Suzuka Community, he gave advice on setting up the Eco Station, following Suzuka Culture Station, which remodeled the existing furniture exhibition hall, was opened in 2010. The concept of eco station is one of his research results. In other words, it is intended as a nodal point for local residents, information and practice of creating new societies to meet and expand understanding of sustainability without hardship.

March 26th to April 6th in 2019, GEN(Global Ecovillage Network)-Japan had a lecture series with him; "Ecomotion of Creating a New Eco-village for the Survival of Humanity" . During the series, As One Community celebrated the 10th anniversary of opening Suzuka Culture Station and friendship with him. And the Professor gave the memorial presentation.
From the point of view of manifesting a sustainable society in future, as introduced by the professor, the As One Suzuka community has many untouched issues. Nevertheless, why is he still interested in this social experiment?
Hiroko Katayama, a president of GEN-Japan, interviewed him right after his commemorative lecture.
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REVITALIZE THE LOCAL---The harmony of what supports life, what promotes life

The interview of Prof.Hahn with international GEN president Kosha Joubert who lives in Findhorn is published in a magazine called Evolve in Germany.
Dr. Hahn
The issue is about new relationships between cities and countryside.
Dr.Hahn tells a lot about As-One Community in Suzuka.
PROF. DR. EKHART HAHN is one of the pioneers of ecological urban development and urban redevelopment. Since 1975, these topics have been at the centre of his professional activities. He teaches at various universities in Germany and abroad.

Please click here, and you can read this interview.
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One Household Economy in city

On the Presensing Institute website, known worldwide as "Theory U", the activities of the As One Network Suzuka Community were presented as
Contribution of Hiroko Katayama from As One Network Suzuka Community.
The presensing Institute

The “Presencing Institute / Working for a Deep Social Renewal" was founded in 2006 by Professor Otto Scharmer of the MIT Sloan School of Management and colleagues with the goal of creating a platform for action research at the intersection between science, social and organizational change. Over the last two decades, they have developed U-Theory as a framework for change, they have led inter-sectoral initiatives for leadership, change and innovation around the world and have created an innovation platform called U.lab.

1. What is the main vision behind your work?
2. Describe the concrete details: who, what, where and how you operate
3. What is the great accomplishment of your work so far?
4. What personal practices have enabled you to break through existing paradigms?
5. What organizational practices have enabled your accomplishments to date?
6. What is currently keeping your project, initiative or organization from moving to the next level of impact?
7. To move toward a 4.0 way of operating, what enabling conditions would be needed?
8. What is the most important thing you have learned personally from your work?
9. What are the key questions or opportunities in your field that need to be explored in the next 5-10 years?
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Introduced as a model project in Germany!

Ekhard Hahn of Germany (Professor at Dortmund University) introduces the As One Suzuka Community on his website.

Web site is here.>>>

Website of Hahn

As-One Community with urban Farming Park and ECO-Station in Suzuka city, JAPAN

First model project of ecological neighborhood development with eco-station in Japan. Ekhart Hahn has been involved in the project since 2009 as an external consultant with annual invitations to lectures, seminars and technical discussions. It is currently one of the most innovative and exciting urban ecological neighborhood projects worldwide. It is a recognized pioneer of the Japanese Transition-Town movement and headquarters of the Global Eco Village Network, Japan.

Profile of Ekhard Hahn
Prof. Hahn
Professor, Dortmund University
He has been a professor at the Dortmund Graduate University after serving as a recovery plan for Berlin and as an adviser to the EU Environment Subcommittee. He reviews conventional urban planning and architecture, and propose the creation of an environment-friendly community that begins with discussions based on human behavior.
He sees the possibility of coexistence between nature and human beings in Japanese culture.
Almost every year since 2009, he has been visiting the As One Suzuka community and observing the growth as a scholar.
As an adviser to the Suzuka Culture Station, he also gives us valuable opinions.
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