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the Impression byTetora Tanizaki, Earth Day Channel

Tetora Tanizaki, a broadcaster, producer, university lecturer, and active in many other fields, who advocates and work for WORLD SHIFT (social change) and paradigm shift (shift in values), visited As One Suzuka Community for an interview on the YouTube "Earth Day Channel" that he hosts.


≪Tetora Tanizaki summarized his impression of the As One Suzuka community in his interview below≫

Suzuka City in Mie Prefecture is known for its progressive community initiatives in Japan.

I visited the "As One Network Suzuka Community," which serves as the secretariat of the Global Eco-Village Network Japan (GEN-Japan), of which I am an advisor. I used to visit every year as some parts of a program called Gaia Education, but since I have been online for the last two years due to the Corona Disaster, this was my first time in Suzuka in a while.
Suzuka City is located in the north-central part of Mie Prefecture and has a population of about 200,000.
Since the Asuka Period, the city has developed as a strategic point of transportation leading to the eastern part of Japan, and developed as an inn town.


As One is unique and one of urban eco-villages in the world and has operated for more than 20 years as a community of about 150 residents. It operates several business entities with the aim of creating a society, in which everybody can live with their true heart and mind, and an economy without money ecchanging.
Their wisdom is attracting attention as a model for regional symbiosis, such as the locally produced and locally consumed Suzuka Farm, a box lunch shop with zero food loss, and Gaia Youth, which learns from the satoyama through charcoal burning, tree houses, and other activities.


I am currently touring local communities across Japan, and there are many examples of how the community of " AS ONE" can be used as a reference. We also discussed the next term's project of WORLD SHIFT and the educational program Planetary Education, which is expected to be related to the Earth Day actions. We will be able to introduce these in the next term and beyond.


These interviews will be posted on the Earth Day Channel YOUTUBE. (It is scheduled to be released in May, so it will be a little while later.)

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Focus on the Economic Commons; Representative Nao Suzuki


Mr. Nao Suzuki, the representative of NPO, participated in the As One Suzuka Tour. He had heard about As One for a long time and had always wanted to visit.
He came to the Suzuka community for the first time when he became an instructor of Gaia Youth for young people, the first term of which started yesterday, on 24th March.


During the two days and one night, he seemed to be deeply inspired by the actual company of the community, the atmosphere of daily life, and the dialogue with the people who live there.

From his final impressions;
"The company is feeding a large family by raising and creating economic commons well(such as Mother's LunchBox producing and delivering company and SUZUKA FARM).
Everyone's sense of well-being was very great, and I could feel it.
I thought it was a very amazing project, a rare example in Japan and the world."


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As One SuzukaTour

Ms.Clara, one of 13 grandmother of Amazon, is coming to Japan for lectures and workshops from the ecovillage in the back of Amazon. She came to As One Tour with the connection of Maya Ikeda.
She is a leader and spiritual leader based in Amazon, said that a person from Gaia Education in Brazil recommended that she go to As One, saying, "I'm sure it will help your community."
I was very interested in the ScienZ Method, which allows people to talk with each other with real heart, and I felt the possibility that it could be transmitted to the Amazon community and take root.
The people who came with her were also impressed by how close they were to Japan, where they could be comfortable with their hearts.
From Brazil
Suzuka tour

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After Forum at Suzuka Economics of Happiness

After Forum at Suzuka Economics of Happiness
“ After Forum of Economics of Happiness” was held in Suzuka, and Keibo Oiwa (Tsuji ) introduce an agro-ecologist Saad Dagher from Palestine. Last year, when Keibo visited Palestine, he was much moved by Saad’s personality. And then he was invited to Economics of Happiness Forum Japan and Suzuka this time.
How can we manifest to interact with Palestine? How can the ScienZ Method be recognized in Palestine and the As One Network Activities can be realized on site.

I felt great hope for Saad and his colleagues and young people who are plowing the fields as well as living a self-sufficient life in Palestine occupied by Israel.
I sincerely wished there was something we could do together.
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Study meeting with Michael H Shuman

A half-day study-tour and the meeting was held at As One Suzuka Community sponsored by GEN-Japan. From mainly west part of Japan, researchers and professors joined.
Immediately after studying law at Stanford University, Michael Schuman organized the Community-led Development Initiatives (CDI) for a law-free society and networked local governments around the world. Its purpose is to realize a regional-led economy for the establishment of true peace, which is not swayed by the global economy represented by Wall Street, and is dedicated to research and enlightenment activities for that purpose.

Michael Shuman1

Impression about AsOne Suzuka Community / Michael Shuman
I’m now heading home to the USA, and wanted to tell how grateful was for your kind hospitality. It was especially rewarding, given I’m one of a small number of Americans who believe that the atomic bombing was immoral and unjustified, and it deeply pains me to hear of the physical suffering of so many Japanese civilians who were unconnected and blameless for the Japan’s imperial policies of the 1940s. I’m humbled by the ability of you and your generation to move past that horrible event and develop new ideals in Suzuka.
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