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November 4-7 Suzuka Community Tour from Korea

I had the " true heart " in me!

This weekend, 7 people from Korea participated in the As One Suzuka Tour for 4 days and 3 nights.


A participant said, "I had given up on getting close to people from the bottom of my heart, and I would only do it with animals..." He seemed to feel hopeful when he was exposed to the life of a big harmonious family of 200 people, saying, "If I could, it would be what I wish for, too."


A woman in her 30s said, "I thought it was natural to feel blame because the other person was wrong," but when she realized her true wish, she shed tears, saying, "I was surprised to find such a feeling deep inside me."



"Let's have another As One Seminar in Korea!" and departed in high spirits. She immediately became enthusiastic about inviting the people around her.


Although the tour lasted only 4 days and 3 nights, it became like a family that has been living together for a long time.

(Reuniting with a Korean mother friend who is coming to Suzuka with her children to study.)

With the easing of travel restrictions, we are likely to see an increase in tours and requests for training from overseas in the near future.
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Mr. Kazuhiro Arai, co-chairman of "eumo", visited us!


Mr. Kazuhiro Arai, co-president of "eumo", an empathetic community currency that proposes and practices a new way of money and society, visited As One Suzuka Community for the first time.
He visited us on the afternoon of Sunday the 23rd in conjunction with an open lecture hosted by GEN-Japan, and we showed him around the Mum's Lunchbox company, Suzuka Farm, and the community's HUB and space JOY.


Mr. Arai says that his mission is to realize an empathetic capital society, and he seemed to feel many things after being exposed to the actual As One Suzuka Community, which has been in existence for over 20 years.
He was especially interested in the fact that there is no conflict, no matter how different opinions may be, that there is a base for discussing anything, and that the society is based on the free will of every person.


As One Network also joined the "eumo" member stores this summer and is now able to accept "eumo" payments for participation fees for the Suzuka Tour.
With tomorrow's open lecture, we are very much looking forward to the future.


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Two Women from Germany Participated in the As One Suzuka Tour

Two Women from Germany Participated in As One Suzuka Tour

Two women from Germany participated in the As One Suzuka Tour from July 23 (Sat.) to 24 (Sun.).
One is an architect and filmmaker who came to Japan through an introduction by our long-time friend Dr. Hahn, and will stay until early August to make a film about the As One Suzuka community.
The other was a female university student studying Japanese in Germany who came to Kobe University as an exchange student. She was interested in eco-villages and was looking for examples in Japan, and came to Gaia Education's open lecture last Saturday.


After the two days, it seemed to me that the focus had shifted to what is most important in creating ecovillages and communities. In particular, in talking with community members, it seemed that deep relationships between people are important and their interest in the ScienZ Method to make this happen has deepened.



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The first As One Seminar was held in Switzerland.

The First As One Seminar in Switzerland!

Group photo of the As One Seminar in Switzerland

From July 17 to 23, participants aged 22 to 67 gathered from Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria. (There were even Brazilians on the living staff)

It was an international seminar with German, Dutch, English, Japanese, and sometimes Portuguese.

It was amazing to see how the diverse group of people became close like a family, free from anger, fixed ideas, and assumptions, and transformed into an "As One" worldview where everything is connected.

I think human beings are wonderful ♫

"I was amazed at how we all came to see our true hearts as we explored together."

"We can start the society we want by ourselves."

・・・Everyone left full of hope.

The second As One Seminar will be held on December 27.

We are looking forward to building a new society in Europe.
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Community Tour Impressions @Mayuka Noda

I feel as if everything I believed to be normal and usual has been completely
turned upside down! (As One Suzuka Tour)
Mayuka Noda, who participated in the community tour with her family during Golden Week,
shared her impressions of the tour.
She lived and worked in the U.S. for 30 years and returned to Japan last year, visiting As One Suzuka Tour in May and participating in the As One seminar this June.


The following is an Mayuka’sarticle >>

Over 3 days during the “Golden Week” in Japan, we, as a family, visited and toured an intentional community/eco village called As One Network in Suzuka-city of Mie Prefecture. As One Network started its foundational activities including SCIENZ (Scientific Investigation of Essential Nature plus ZERO) School in 2000 and during the last 22 years, the network has created a lunch box business, farming, research group, SCIENZ Academy, connected with and expanded to Brazil and Korea. It has registered and offer courses as GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) since 2014.

What distinguishes this community from many others that I’m aware of from research is definitely the integration of SCIENZ method. The community members are first encouraged (not required, I think) to go thru the program at their pace and learn to investigate and discover their own essential nature constantly. From this intention, they interact and communicate with others who are also interested in doing the same. While meeting many of the community members, it was very apparent that they are always processing their thought in the moment to see if it is aligned with their essential nature or zero before verbalizing it.

I can’t remember when I became interested in becoming an integral part of a community. I have always felt that I belonged to a community or several communities, be it a family I was born into, neighborhood, several families that I moved into (as a student living with a few different host families, and during the first marriage with my then husband’s family), and as a student at various schools and employee at various jobs.

I became more interested in consciously and intentionally creating my own community of “like-minded people” or of people with similar values when I opened an acupuncture clinic and a yoga studio. While I always enjoyed connecting with people with different values and backgrounds, when it came to living and interacting with people on the more daily, frequent basis, I wanted to be with and around those with very similar core value systems. It just felt much easier, fun, comfortable and harmonious that way. During the last 4 years living in Texas, Victor and I also found a spiritual community called Agape, where we connected with many people with similar value systems.

What As One Network community offered us was this type of intentional community with similar value systems. It just felt good to connect with people whose values are based on the exploration of essential human nature. I truly believe and realize that we are living on this planet to have variety of physical experiences in order to uncover or discover our true spiritual nature that we have been gifted and been born with. As we discover our true essential spiritual nature and align with it, we always feel harmonious and peaceful inside our hearts.

The name “As One” comes from John Lennon’s song, Imagine, the last line “the world will live AS ONE”.

The world peace and living as one can not be achieved unless we are living in peace, harmonious, at ease, and as one inside of each of us. This community is created with people who are working, studying and exploring what our true essential nature (Zero) is. How can we be aligned with our own Zero and live As One with others? At SCIENZ School and with its programs, each person is first responsible for their own discovery of Zero and then learn to interact with others from the place of this alignment. This community is essentially a kind of lab experiment to plant the seed of individual and collective awareness and possibility in people to live life As One planetary community.

Japan is a land of heavy group consciousness and conformity. The phrase “a nail that sticks out gets pounded” perfectly and literally describes the pervasive culture. As I was growing up in Japan, it became more and more uncomfortable for me to conform to these collective behaviors and rules and I was a minor rebel by high school. But luckily for me, I was able to create an opportunity to move to the U.S. at 17 where I felt that I would be much more free and not have to conform to things that did not make much sense to me. Over the next 30 years, I lived pretty much “cage-free”, where I was able to free flow to where I felt most inspirational, joyful and fun without the resistance from others and society at large.

Japan is definitely not an easy place to live cage-free just yet. But I also know that there are many good values one can learn only from being here such as respect for each other, things, kindness, safety, cleanliness, etc etc. I realize that cultivating our children in Japan is optional. But for now, As One is the type of community in which I would like to experience growth for myself and for our children where they can learn and grow in the home-schooling type environment and in a small group setting with no set curriculum. What’s more important is that they are with the care takers who are like family members who are also discovering their essential nature – because I know that kids can learn more freely what and when they want to learn from their own perspective when there is no have-to’s, should’s or requirements placed upon them.

I will be going back to the community to attend their one week seminar/workshops next month. Looking forward to learning, discovering myself and connecting more with the community!
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the Impression byTetora Tanizaki, Earth Day Channel

Tetora Tanizaki, a broadcaster, producer, university lecturer, and active in many other fields, who advocates and work for WORLD SHIFT (social change) and paradigm shift (shift in values), visited As One Suzuka Community for an interview on the YouTube "Earth Day Channel" that he hosts.


≪Tetora Tanizaki summarized his impression of the As One Suzuka community in his interview below≫

Suzuka City in Mie Prefecture is known for its progressive community initiatives in Japan.

I visited the "As One Network Suzuka Community," which serves as the secretariat of the Global Eco-Village Network Japan (GEN-Japan), of which I am an advisor. I used to visit every year as some parts of a program called Gaia Education, but since I have been online for the last two years due to the Corona Disaster, this was my first time in Suzuka in a while.
Suzuka City is located in the north-central part of Mie Prefecture and has a population of about 200,000.
Since the Asuka Period, the city has developed as a strategic point of transportation leading to the eastern part of Japan, and developed as an inn town.


As One is unique and one of urban eco-villages in the world and has operated for more than 20 years as a community of about 150 residents. It operates several business entities with the aim of creating a society, in which everybody can live with their true heart and mind, and an economy without money ecchanging.
Their wisdom is attracting attention as a model for regional symbiosis, such as the locally produced and locally consumed Suzuka Farm, a box lunch shop with zero food loss, and Gaia Youth, which learns from the satoyama through charcoal burning, tree houses, and other activities.


I am currently touring local communities across Japan, and there are many examples of how the community of " AS ONE" can be used as a reference. We also discussed the next term's project of WORLD SHIFT and the educational program Planetary Education, which is expected to be related to the Earth Day actions. We will be able to introduce these in the next term and beyond.


These interviews will be posted on the Earth Day Channel YOUTUBE. (It is scheduled to be released in May, so it will be a little while later.)

Click here to visit Earth Day Channel
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Focus on the Economic Commons; Representative Nao Suzuki


Mr. Nao Suzuki, the representative of NPO, participated in the As One Suzuka Tour. He had heard about As One for a long time and had always wanted to visit.
He came to the Suzuka community for the first time when he became an instructor of Gaia Youth for young people, the first term of which started yesterday, on 24th March.


During the two days and one night, he seemed to be deeply inspired by the actual company of the community, the atmosphere of daily life, and the dialogue with the people who live there.

From his final impressions;
"The company is feeding a large family by raising and creating economic commons well(such as Mother's LunchBox producing and delivering company and SUZUKA FARM).
Everyone's sense of well-being was very great, and I could feel it.
I thought it was a very amazing project, a rare example in Japan and the world."


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As One SuzukaTour

Ms.Clara, one of 13 grandmother of Amazon, is coming to Japan for lectures and workshops from the ecovillage in the back of Amazon. She came to As One Tour with the connection of Maya Ikeda.
She is a leader and spiritual leader based in Amazon, said that a person from Gaia Education in Brazil recommended that she go to As One, saying, "I'm sure it will help your community."
I was very interested in the ScienZ Method, which allows people to talk with each other with real heart, and I felt the possibility that it could be transmitted to the Amazon community and take root.
The people who came with her were also impressed by how close they were to Japan, where they could be comfortable with their hearts.
From Brazil
Suzuka tour

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After Forum at Suzuka Economics of Happiness

After Forum at Suzuka Economics of Happiness
“ After Forum of Economics of Happiness” was held in Suzuka, and Keibo Oiwa (Tsuji ) introduce an agro-ecologist Saad Dagher from Palestine. Last year, when Keibo visited Palestine, he was much moved by Saad’s personality. And then he was invited to Economics of Happiness Forum Japan and Suzuka this time.
How can we manifest to interact with Palestine? How can the ScienZ Method be recognized in Palestine and the As One Network Activities can be realized on site.

I felt great hope for Saad and his colleagues and young people who are plowing the fields as well as living a self-sufficient life in Palestine occupied by Israel.
I sincerely wished there was something we could do together.
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Study meeting with Michael H Shuman

A half-day study-tour and the meeting was held at As One Suzuka Community sponsored by GEN-Japan. From mainly west part of Japan, researchers and professors joined.
Immediately after studying law at Stanford University, Michael Schuman organized the Community-led Development Initiatives (CDI) for a law-free society and networked local governments around the world. Its purpose is to realize a regional-led economy for the establishment of true peace, which is not swayed by the global economy represented by Wall Street, and is dedicated to research and enlightenment activities for that purpose.

Michael Shuman1

Impression about AsOne Suzuka Community / Michael Shuman
I’m now heading home to the USA, and wanted to tell how grateful was for your kind hospitality. It was especially rewarding, given I’m one of a small number of Americans who believe that the atomic bombing was immoral and unjustified, and it deeply pains me to hear of the physical suffering of so many Japanese civilians who were unconnected and blameless for the Japan’s imperial policies of the 1940s. I’m humbled by the ability of you and your generation to move past that horrible event and develop new ideals in Suzuka.
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