As One Network

Introduced as a model project in Germany!

Ekhard Hahn of Germany (Professor at Dortmund University) introduces the As One Suzuka Community on his website.

Web site is here.>>>

Website of Hahn

As-One Community with urban Farming Park and ECO-Station in Suzuka city, JAPAN

First model project of ecological neighborhood development with eco-station in Japan. Ekhart Hahn has been involved in the project since 2009 as an external consultant with annual invitations to lectures, seminars and technical discussions. It is currently one of the most innovative and exciting urban ecological neighborhood projects worldwide. It is a recognized pioneer of the Japanese Transition-Town movement and headquarters of the Global Eco Village Network, Japan.

Profile of Ekhard Hahn
Prof. Hahn
Professor, Dortmund University
He has been a professor at the Dortmund Graduate University after serving as a recovery plan for Berlin and as an adviser to the EU Environment Subcommittee. He reviews conventional urban planning and architecture, and propose the creation of an environment-friendly community that begins with discussions based on human behavior.
He sees the possibility of coexistence between nature and human beings in Japanese culture.
Almost every year since 2009, he has been visiting the As One Suzuka community and observing the growth as a scholar.
As an adviser to the Suzuka Culture Station, he also gives us valuable opinions.
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