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The interview of Prof.Hahn with international GEN president Kosha Joubert who lives in Findhorn is published in a magazine called Evolve in Germany.
Dr. Hahn
The issue is about new relationships between cities and countryside.
Dr.Hahn tells a lot about As-One Community in Suzuka.
PROF. DR. EKHART HAHN is one of the pioneers of ecological urban development and urban redevelopment. Since 1975, these topics have been at the centre of his professional activities. He teaches at various universities in Germany and abroad.

Please click here, and you can read this interview.
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One Household Economy in city

On the Presensing Institute website, known worldwide as "Theory U", the activities of the As One Network Suzuka Community were presented as
Contribution of Hiroko Katayama from As One Network Suzuka Community.
The presensing Institute

The “Presencing Institute / Working for a Deep Social Renewal" was founded in 2006 by Professor Otto Scharmer of the MIT Sloan School of Management and colleagues with the goal of creating a platform for action research at the intersection between science, social and organizational change. Over the last two decades, they have developed U-Theory as a framework for change, they have led inter-sectoral initiatives for leadership, change and innovation around the world and have created an innovation platform called U.lab.

1. What is the main vision behind your work?
2. Describe the concrete details: who, what, where and how you operate
3. What is the great accomplishment of your work so far?
4. What personal practices have enabled you to break through existing paradigms?
5. What organizational practices have enabled your accomplishments to date?
6. What is currently keeping your project, initiative or organization from moving to the next level of impact?
7. To move toward a 4.0 way of operating, what enabling conditions would be needed?
8. What is the most important thing you have learned personally from your work?
9. What are the key questions or opportunities in your field that need to be explored in the next 5-10 years?
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