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As One Network News December 2022

As One Network News December 2022

Snow has started falling on streets and fields around Japan, after colored leaves were dancing in the cold wind. Such beautiful scene reminds us that we are living in winter. How quickly the season is passing.
Lots of people, around the world, seemed enthusiastically watching the football games on TV. While watching the World Cup games every four year, I once again wonder "What are national borders? What is a country? I think about it.
It may seem ridiculous to other living creatures to see humans drawing lines on land that originally belonged to no one, arguing about who owns each. Originally human beings are like a family living on this Earth that belongs to no one.
We all want to live together in harmony, sharing our wisdom. Such a wish seems to be in everyone's heart.
This month, we will bring you another report on the As One Network, which is working around the world to realize such a wish.

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[Serial No.10] Chapter 3. 3-2. How we can create "Blame-Free" environment.

Creating the Next Society - Part 10
Toward a society where people can live gently and without conflict
Masashi Ono, ScienZ Institute, Inc.


Chapter 3
3-2. How we have been able to free from "Blame Each Other"

Even though research has advanced, it is still a human activity, so many things happen every day, and of course there are mistakes and failures. For example, we cooked 100 special lunchboxes and delivered them to a customer, only to be told that the order was for next week.
In the common society, when such an incident occurs, the blame is placed on the person who caused the problem. or even submit a letter of apology.
However, what is the point of blaming and pursuing responsibility?
Blaming will not undo the mistakes.
What we can do is to think about how to make the best use of the 100 lunchboxes we have now.
And so we need focus on searching for the cause (not to pursue responsibility!) so that the same mistake will not happen again.
In this case, the lunchboxes immediately brought back to As One community, and quickly communicated to the people there, and they could taste them.
"Why did this happen?", we can research clearly. And the mistake was the key to the next step. These mistakes led to a review of the reception process and the creation of a department specializing in special box lunches. Also, when such things happen, lots of people tend to arise feeling to blame others or thinking that someone else is to blame.
However it is not natural to feel blame some one when something like this happens. But to wonder what is going on inside. It becomes a subject for exploration. Gradually, we can grow into people who do not blame each other.
In such a blame-free atmosphere, a safe and comfortable working environment is being created. If people think they will be blamed, they will hide mistakes, lie, and create a guarded atmosphere that makes it difficult to say anything about mistakes in order to avoid being blamed. The lack of blame makes it easier to discuss events cheerfully and to find out what the core of the problem is, so that problem-solving can proceed smoothly.


There is also a farming company, Suzuka Farm, established in 2010 by a group of young people, which supplies vegetables to local people. The relationship has no boundaries or barriers, so people and goods can freely interact and make use of each other's talents. During the busy farming season, people from the lunchbox shop sometimes rush to the farm. The lunchbox shop also tries to make the most of the vegetables produced at the Suzuka Farm as much as possible. We will try to make the best use of even misshapen vegetables in our lunchboxes as much as possible, and if we have a good harvest and produce a lot of vegetables, we will try to include as many as possible in the lunchbox menu. (Since May 2021, the two companies have been merged into a single company in the hope that we can operate more as one and make maximum use of each other's people and goods).
There seems to be a lot of talk about the next generation of management methods, such as the teal or holacracy organisation, but I believe that by freeing ourselves from fixed fictions and moving forward while discovering what we truly wish deep down, we can realise this kind of company in reality.
I hope people all over the country can give shape to their own ideals!
I think that Mummy's Lunchbox company and Suzuka Farm Coltd can be real examples. Come and see the actual ongoing the shop and such atmosphere is very active, once you visit.

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[Serial No.13] Prelúdio December 2022

Community Saijiki literary calendar


坂井和貴(Kazuki Sakai)

When I opened the door of the birdcage, two paddy birds slowly appeared and flew into the room.
The two birds, which until a few moments ago had been watching the six of us eating and talking with each other from inside the cage, tilting their heads from time to time, and responding with faint chirps, have now joined our circle of friends.
For some reason, Antje seems to be their favorite, and they keep jumping onto her hands, shoulders, and head, chatting in German together.
"They are both boys," Teruko said.


Diego tries to draw the birds toward him by calling out and reaching out, but their attention seems to be solely on Antje and Alex, who are next to her, and not on what Diego wants them to do.
"What's up with that classical guitar, Motoyama-san?"
Diego asks, pointing to the guitar hanging on the living room wall.
"Takuya said he doesn't use it, so I got it from him. Do you want to play it, Diego?"
So saying, Motoyama-san puts the guitar in Diego's hand.
"Okay! Let's play. Maybe the sound of the guitar will lure them toward me!"

"Can you play Aitor Villa-Lobos' Prelude No. 1?"
Diego nodded lightly as he tuned the strings to this sudden request from Mr. Motoyama.
The concert began.
I had never heard of Villa-Lobos, but when Diego's fingertips plucked a delicate note, my brain instantly responded that I had heard this piece somewhere before.
"When I was in the eighth grade, my cousin, who is a college student, played this song for me. I was totally taken by it."
Motoyama's eyes lit up. Lobos was born in Brazil and was one of the leading composers of the 20th century, incorporating classical techniques with a uniquely Brazilian style.
Alex, a French horn virtuoso, Antje, who had grown up with the violin, and the birds had stopped singing for a while and were listening, watching Diego's fingertips dancing lightly.
And in my mind's eye, five years of Diego's life quietly flowed by.


This spring, Diego stepped on Brazilian soil for the first time in five years, which I wrote about briefly in the April issue of Saijiki lierary calender, and then he came back to Japan to continue his training and living here.
He and I were also in charge of hosting Alex and Antje, who came from Switzerland for training in September, and we have been together for the past three months. For Diego, this is the day he will embark on the next stage of his life.
There are many things that come to mind, such as "Diego's 5 years," such and such a thing, a word from a person at a certain moment, a time when he could not hold back his tears, being accepted by such and such people, being blessed with such and such an opportunity.... But I don't think I could possibly describe the past five years if I put them all on the table in my head.
How much has been poured into Diego?
From the people around us, from things, from society, from nature, from the visible and the invisible...
In truth, I feel as if I don't know anything at all.
However, the totality of those five years is in Diego, in me, and in everyone who lives with us. So when Diego says he is going to Brazil, I don't feel like I am leaving him at all. I have a strange feeling as if a part of me is leaving, as if I am being taken along with him.
There is no "goodbye" anywhere.


Geum-chan is a 3-month trainee from Korea.
She and her partner, Dong Ha, and their 2-year-old son, Seomg Yeol, would like to continue their training in the Suzuka community for a longer period of time.
However, there are various restrictions due to visa issues, and she is pondering what to do.
One of the ideas that came up was to have someone take care of Seomg Yeol in Korea while Geum and Dong Ha come to Japan. But Geum-chan said, "I have a very close friend in Korea.
I don't know why, but I think it would feel at ease to leave Seomg Yeol with the Suzuka community and have us travel back and forth between Korea and Japan. There is no one in Japan that I am very close to like my Korean friend. Why is that?"
She said again, "I don't know why."
What does it really mean that Geum-chan's inner mind is becoming like that?
When this came up in a meeting between Alex and Antje, Antje said something like this.
Antje said, "Even now, there are scenes where Seomg Yeol lives apart from his parents, but none of the people here ever think and say to Seomg Yeol, "Are you okay without your mother and father? " But people in the public eye don't. "Are you okay without your mom? Poor Seomg Yeol! " People around you look at you like that and say things like that.


Momo-chan of Waseda University, who has participated in Gaia Youth and other events, is about to write her graduation thesis on "Chapter 4: A Case Study of a Community that Nurtures the Richness of 'Tsunagari' (Connection)," and she is planning to pick up As One as a topic for her thesis.
Not only Momo-chan, but for the past few years, there have been an endless number of university students (all women so far!) who have come to us for advice on how to write about As One Community in their thesis.
In my correspondence with Momo-chan, I heard a word for the first time. It is.
"Social Capital."
When Momo-chan told her professor that she would like to write a case study on As One for her graduation thesis, he replied, "That's a case study on Social Capital, isn't it? You should write it from the perspective of "social capital."

It was refreshing to know that there is a way of looking at social and human relations as capital, rather than money or goods.
The deadline is December 15 or so, and we have been exchanging correspondence over the past few issues, but Momo-chan herself has been writing to try to represent the reality of the As One Community through what she has experienced here.

『No matter how good the rough stones and materials may be, if the design and construction are not correct, even a building that looks magnificent will collapse and look ugly even if there is no wind.』
I have seen a sentence to this effect.
This is not only about buildings.
It is the "social atmosphere and social system" that design and construct the abundance of good materials called "human resources".
No matter how great a person is, he or she cannot design and construct himself or herself.
There are more than 8 billion people on the earth today, and there is an abundance of human resources.
Good raw stones and materials will continue to be born one after another.
It would be a pity if the good materials are not fully utilized because the social atmosphere and systems have not caught up with them.
Human society has come this far.
I hope that the "5 years of Diego" and the "22 years of Suzuka Community" will be studied and used by the brains of the world as a beginning to perfect the atmosphere and system of our society.


The paddy birds were listening to Diego's guitar, but as usual, they were not separated from Antje and Alex.
Diego seemed to have given up trying to attract the birds to him, and began to talk with Alex and the others. Then, on the contrary, the birds started to visit Diego from time to time.
Soon Alex and Antje will also leave for Switzerland.
They are also planning to stay here for a long time to learn more about Suzuka and to become people who can really melt with anyone, not just theoretically. They can also clearly see the faces of the young people who are coming from Europe to follow in their footsteps.
Diego could see them as his " self of 5 years ago".
Alex and Antje see "themselves in 5 years" in Diego's current image.
My ears continue to echo the sounds and rhythms of Villa-Lobos that Diego used to play.
Prelúdio means prelude. A precursor, an omen. Its first number.
The casual choice of this piece for this scene, Mr. Motoyama, was brilliant! I have no other choice but to say.


Around noon today, I received a phone call from Diego, who was supposed to be on his way to Brazil.
He said, "Mr. Sakai, my name on the airline ticket is different from the one on my passport. The domestic flight from Nagoya Centrair to Narita is fine, but the international flight from Narita, the airline is not sure if they will take me. What should I do?"
He went out with great enthusiasm, but he seemed to be a little scared... "It's not easy to buy a new ticket now, so let's just go to Narita and ask them to take you."
He said, "Okay, I'll go to Narita and ask them. If not, I'll go back to Suzuka."
Diego would have liked to leave smartly, but you never know what will happen until the very end.
He's not the only one who doesn't know what's going to happen, and neither do I... or anyone else... .
Still, a few hours later, did Diego get a ride? Is he coming back? Just as the buzz in this neighborhood was building, I received a text message.
"Checked in, everything is fine, see you!"
The accompanying photo showed a snow-capped Mt. Fuji floating faintly between the main wing and the sea of clouds.
I guess Diego really took off this time.
Now let's go to the next stage!

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November 4-7 Suzuka Community Tour from Korea

I had the " true heart " in me!

This weekend, 7 people from Korea participated in the As One Suzuka Tour for 4 days and 3 nights.


A participant said, "I had given up on getting close to people from the bottom of my heart, and I would only do it with animals..." He seemed to feel hopeful when he was exposed to the life of a big harmonious family of 200 people, saying, "If I could, it would be what I wish for, too."


A woman in her 30s said, "I thought it was natural to feel blame because the other person was wrong," but when she realized her true wish, she shed tears, saying, "I was surprised to find such a feeling deep inside me."



"Let's have another As One Seminar in Korea!" and departed in high spirits. She immediately became enthusiastic about inviting the people around her.


Although the tour lasted only 4 days and 3 nights, it became like a family that has been living together for a long time.

(Reuniting with a Korean mother friend who is coming to Suzuka with her children to study.)

With the easing of travel restrictions, we are likely to see an increase in tours and requests for training from overseas in the near future.
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Takuki Okada to Visit As One Brazil Community, Interacting in Brazil

Takuki Okada, a student at ScienZ Academy (As One Suzuka Community), has been visiting the As One Brazilian Community in Brazil since November to participate in an exchange program as part of the social development training program.

We asked him to report on the exchange from Brazil.

Takuki Okada, usually studies as a ScienZ Academy student in Suzuka, Japan.

We organize camps for Brazilian youths and children.
It is about a week-long camp set on a farm here in As One Brazil.
They can talk about anything in peace, play to their heart's content, learn and live in a safe environment, while experiencing and playing in agriculture, such as harvesting crops and collecting eggs from chickens.

This time, we held a camp (Chikyu-mura) for its staff to get together and draw about the future.
The staff members of this camp are all people who originally participated in the camp when they were children.
This time, we gathered mainly the younger generation among the staff members.


While I was involved with Gaia Youth in Japan as a staff member, I saw how each participant gradually opened his/her heart and how they naturally got to know each other, and I felt the possibility that human beings could be more.
Before participating in this camp, I had a meeting with the staff of this camp.
At that time, as I listened to the thoughts of the youth about the camp, I felt a sense of certainty that this is how human beings can really connect with each other.
Felix's (a ScienZ Academy student living in Japan) brother Axel, was our interpreter for the three days.


Why do I feel at ease here?
What elements make it so?
Let's first connect with people who want to realize these things.
Let's connect with each other so that we can become an environment where people can be at ease in each place and remain so.
It was a three-day event that seemed to spread the harmony of the connected hearts and minds throughout the world.


And last weekend, we also held a talk session for Brazilian people.
Roughly 35 people attended that day.
I thought it was amazing just the fact that someone had come to listen to a young Japanese man whom they did not know well.
This time, I mainly introduced ScienZ Academy and talked about the As One Network.
I asked Axel to do the interpretation again this time, and I was happy to think that I had gotten to know him well through this opportunity.
Everyone listened to the end of the talk and asked questions, and the two hours flew by.
It seemed that the expressions on the faces of those listening gradually softened, and I would be happy if something was left in each one of them.
I hope that this will lead to our activities not only in Japan but also in Brazil.
This was my first opportunity to speak for two hours alone, and I would like to have such an opportunity again somewhere in Japan.
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