Community in which an individual can live like oneself

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Study Tour of As One Community

Study Tour of As One Community

Review thoroughly from zero and study the image for the next society.
You can see, touch, feel, learn and think for two days.

"Is it true?"
You can light on what you have considered as just of course and try to touch the approach towards "Yasashii " society; simple, graceful and intimate society.
What you have considered as "That's life."or "It's impossible." are getting off.
And then your natural wish and ideal will be reminded-----

At the study tour, you can think about the following:

  • Can't we live if we don't earn money?
  • We lose our motivation if no rewards?
  • "Progress and development will stop if no competition?
  • Society will become messed up if duties and responsibilities are never imposed on people?
  • At work, the business will not be conducted if employee take each day-off freely?
  • People are opposed to each other? they don't get along with each other if they have different opinions?
  • Organization and community will break up if there is no relationship of rank nor orders?
  • People will scramble after possession if all become free?
What is human nature?

Program(Details are flexible for conditions)

  • The guide about history and formation of community.
  • Observation tour of each site in community.
  • Interchange with community members
  • You can touch the part of practical community living
The first day
13:00 Reception and registration
Introduction yourself & Orientation
Explanation of the community's outline
Observation tour
Bath time
Evening meal

The second day
Experience of Suzuka woodland or Observation tour around community
14:00 Break up


When you would like to join the Study tour
you need to contact in advance to the desk.

List of requirements for study tour
*You need to inquire about the total cost.
It depends on each case; numbers of participants and some other conditions.

If the entry is three or less, the tour will not be held in some cases.

The deadline for application: One month earlier
Address:14-28 Akoso-cho, Suzuka city, Mie prefecture, Japan 513-0828
1 Name,
2 Pronunciation,
4 Occupation
5 Nationality,
6 Address
7 Date you wish to stay
8 Number of participants
9 Items warranting special mention:
Food, Allergy and diseases

* Cancel policy
If you cancel because of your reason, you need to pay the cancel charge.
*From three days prior to the appointed day-------50 %
*The appointed day ------------------------------100%

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