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[Serial No.9]Chapter 3. 3-1. A company that satisfies the heart and soul - "Mum's Lunchbox company"

Creating the Next Society - Part 9
Toward a society where people can live gently and without conflict
Masashi Ono, ScienZ Institute, Inc.


Could you imagine a company with no rules, no orders, no bosses, or no responsibilities?
In fact, such a company exists in this present capitalist society of Japan. 

Chapter 3
3-1. A company that satisfies the heart and soul
- "Mum's Lunchbox company"

We have established and kept operating our own community business, in order to create an economic foundation for "our aim. That is a society building which people can live gently and without conflict, just as they feel. Through community businesses, the entire community becomes affluent, and each person can live in affluence.
The Mum's Lunchbox company is now in its 16th year. It has about 50 employees. The company produces about 1,000 handmade lunchboxes a day and delivers even a single one with a pink car, and is well known by city dwellers in Suzuka and neighbor cities.
From the very beginning of the company's establishment, we had a clear image of the ideal company. However, things have not worked smoothly.
We are exploring toward a truly delicious lunchbox everyday, as well as challenging to create a company that is managed through conversations without hierarchy or orders.
In such an ideal company we are aiming for, there is no work to earn. Instead, an innovative work will emerge as people want to work because they are willing to do it.
That is, by doing such work, the person is fulfilled, and many others are fulfilled by receiving what is produced from such work.


Of course, however, since we started the company, we have faced many things.
For example, some customers would say, "Lunchboxes should definitely be delivered by 12:00 noon. We often found ourselves constrained to do as our customers insist, saying, "We are received money for it, so we should do it. In this way, we began to blame and manage each other for our own delays and failures. ・・・・・・
The "I have to" mentality is favored by almost of all people as a fiction that allows us to discipline ourselves and our society. However, it also carries with it the obligation to do. That is, the fear of not being allowed, attacked, or punished for not doing something. We, too, had become embedded with fear, and so that it had been difficult for us to free ourselves from the fiction that is the source of our fears.
When you are bound by such a fiction, even the company becomes awkward, doesn't it?
However, as our studies progressed, we were able to ask ourselves, "What do we want to do?"
Gradually we can see the world not as a result of what we "have to do". but as a result of what we really want to do.
When we go back to our own starting point, we can see that it is not "I have to deliver because I am ordered to," but rather the real wish, "I want to deliver delicious lunchboxes to those who are waiting for it". We have been able to discover the starting point of the company and the true spirit to do so in our hearts.
In this way, we have been able to create a work-environment, in which focuses on finding out the right place for each person to demonstrate their natural talent. And so that the number of people have been increasing, who feel comfortable doing things just because they want to use their skills, knowledge, and experience for the benefit of others and have others use them.
Now we are in the process of creating a company, in which we can talk anything what we have inside, and express each distinctive characteristic, as well as feel fulfilled.

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