Community in which an individual can live like oneself

Community in which an individual can live like oneself

As-One Network Suzuka Community is an innovative urban eco-community which started in 2001.
As a community, we reflected on how each individual can live as an authentic self, then tried to create such society which each person can live well, both at work and at home.

Community as a social experiment

As-One Network is a network in community to realize "A world of well-being, free from any conflict".
To realize that goal, we created a social experimental community, trying and implementing innovating (contriving) new social systems.
As-One Community an experimental site of community building for any person to live in peace as an authentic self.
Scienz Institute investigates and clarify essential/ true nature of human and society.
Scienz School supports people to mature; in other words, to bring out their aptitude.

It is a social system which progresses based on psychological growth as a human being and social experiments correlating with each other through this investigation.
As-One Network System

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