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Let us be happy with everyone all over the world!

"As one" signifies "The World as one". That is "the world of well-being, free from any conflict."
As-One Network is a network of those who live as they really are, aiming at realizing "The World of one".
In the linkage, Suzuka Community of Mie pref. in Japan is promoting to create an urban style community in harmony with nature, like everyone can live "as each person is"
Such activities have emerged in various areas of Japan, Korea and Brazil, as people are trying to lead a life of well-being with everyone in the world.

To manifest the world of well-being, free from conflict

Is it possible to eliminate conflict between people?

"Why can't we eliminate wars?"
"Why can't all people be happy?"
Humans have been aspiring for world peace; however, conflicts never ceases to exist in this world. Even though progress in scientific technologies bring materialistic affluence and services, people are still filled with anxiety.

Is this really a true nature of humanity?
Have we just assume or gave up on how we are as humans?

Investigation, starting from zero.

We have launched an inquiry into a root cause of this problem from bottom-up.
Eventually we have come to find a way of thinking and named it "Scienz", to investigate an essential nature from zero.
Since the establishment of the Scienz Institute, we have devoted ourselves to find the true nature of both human and society.

Growth as an individual

Scienz School was established to realize a person to live their own humane way.
The school is supporting each and every person to grow psychologically to be independent, free from confrontation and dependence with others.

An innovative community building!

We have started creating a community in ordinary neighborhood in Suzuka city, Mie prefecture in Japan. Our aim is to create a society which anyone can feel reassured live as they truly are, even if the scale is small.
Through 16 years of this investigation and experimentation, a lifestyle which is humane, comfortable has been nurtured; which we call "As One Style".

Let us be happy with everyone all over the world!

An unparalleled connection of person to person has been emerging from Suzuka Community, spreading to various areas of Japan and the world.
"To become the world as one"; that is As One Network.
Our activities aim to eliminate conflicts around the world, creating societies where everyone can live as they really are.


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