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As-One Network News Mar.2022


As One Network News March 2022

Seasons turn, and spring has come. It is the time when all things begin to move dynamically, and we hope everyone on the globe can celebrate such transition of the natural world. However, it seems that true spring is still far away in the human world.
Whenever we are exposed to news of wars or conflicts, we suffer; how the people there are doing, and whether they are having food and clothing during this cold season.
We strongly hope to eliminate any conflicts and confrontations from this world as soon as possible. From the starting point, we will sincerely work together with everyone to build the world we want to realize through the activities of the AS ONE Network a reality for sure. It is impossible not to hope so strongly.
First of all, let us build the inner-world without conflict and confrontation, starting from our selves. And then, with your wisdom and strength, we will build a conflict-free community, even if it is small.
This month, we will continue to report on the activities of our kind and supportive friends.
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