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As-One Network News June.2022


AsOne Network News June 2022

After the rice planting, Japan has a month-long rainfall during June.
In the Edo period, Basho wrote a haiku about this season;
“The summer rains, how swiftly flows Mogami River.”
And then the summer season is approaching, when "life" is in full swing.
It seems that for the first time in a long time, there were many face-to-face events and activities in the field, and we have received news of joy and success from around the country.
Not only in Japan, but in Europe, finally, the first As One Seminar will be held next month.
In everyone's heart there is an essential desire to "live happily among people and with people" and "create a happy world without conflict".
We will continue to bring you this month's "As One Network News" with scenes from various places where such wishes have appeared.
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