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Tea Time Concert 2015

Tea Time Concert 2015 1
Autumn deepened into winter, and the mornings and evenings are getting cold.
"Tea Time Concert 2015" was held on sunny and calm Saturday afternoon at Suzuka Culture Station, Here is open for city people and the duo has enjoyed playing twice a year. Ms.Sowa (piano) loves this grand piano very much and also she has a piano-class for aged beginners here twice a month
Tea Time Concert 2015 2
Tea Time Concert 2015 3
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Early winter at Suzuka Farm

Harvest day of Green Soybeans!
They are well ripened native soybeans,Sweet and delicious!
Green Soybeans

See, Local Junior High School Students come!
The second year students learned observing the field of Suzuka Farm. They asked a lot how vegetables are growing and the way of maintain and some others.
This program has been started by a teacher. He lives near here and much interested in the process from uncultivated and ignored farmland to gradually developed farming field.
Local students come with Kobayashi
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