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I want to make people feel like family! Maybe it's not impossible! January 【As One Seminar】.

The first 【As One Seminar】 of 2023 was held from 1/3 to 1/9.


Here are some of the participants' impressions of the seminar.

Through this seminar, I felt for the first time the experience and relief of having all my senses, thoughts, and mind accepted (without being judged as good or bad).

By experiencing this feeling of being accepted by others (no matter what I say or how it is said, even if it is not perfect) (like the feeling that others are doing what I cannot do...), I became able to be OK with my own thoughts and feelings.

I was very happy because I have always wanted to believe in people, but have been unable to do so or have been wary of them.

I wanted to create a family-like relationship with people, but I had given up on the idea that it would be impossible. But through the experience of the As One Seminar, I realized that it might not be impossible! It was a place that gave me hope that it might not be impossible! (Female in her 20s)

セミナー1.jpg セミナー2.jpg

It was not so much a week of "gaining something" as it was a week of just savoring the space where people, their existence, their thoughts, their feelings, their communication, their talking, and the conversation of their heads, hearts, and senses gradually came to harmonize with each other.

I am not very good at "speaking" and "expressing my feelings," and one of the reasons I participated in this program is because I find it difficult to express my feelings in words on a daily basis.

I answered the questions and listened to everyone's answers. At first, I was listening as a matter of course, thinking that it is natural for people to think differently, but then I found myself reacting to other participants who responded to one word in the session. However, as I listened and learned about the other person's feelings, my awareness gradually changed, and I began to want to listen, to know, and to receive, and I experienced a strange sensation that I was coming closer to the other person.

I also felt the warmth that when I asked them to listen to my thoughts and feelings, my feelings of no or inability, they accepted them as if they were their own, and my friends moved to support them. I was the one who thought it was no good. I was also the one who thought I had to take care of myself... I was glad to have a realistic realization that I was the one who had to take care of myself.
I was also glad that I was able to feel "don't think with one person's head, but think with everyone's head" in real time from the people at As One Community.

To be able to receive and accept. From there, people's love naturally overflows. I went back to my room and talked with my friends about how we don't need anything else.
I felt that the power that was inside of me was released when I became aware of such a feeling as a physical sensation.

I am looking forward to going home and putting it into practice with my family and friends.
I feel that the As One that I hear from others and the As One that I experience myself have entered me deeply and profoundly.
Thank you very much. I will come back! (30s female)

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As One Seminar to be held in Switzerland (Dec. 27 - Jan. 2)

As One Seminar was held in Switzerland. (12/27-1/2)

Men and women of all ages from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Brazil, and Japan gathered for a week to eat, sleep, and explore together, experiencing a intimacy like that of a family.

They left for their respective countries full of hope: "I have found my true wish," "A peaceful revolution has taken place," "It is possible to have intimate, comfortable relationships without anxiety," and "A happy, conflict-free world can be realized from all around me."

The first As One Seminar will be held in Germany on January 18.

In the spring, a tour from Switzerland to As One Suzuka Community is also taking shape.

We feel that the wish for a "harmonious society" is beginning to take shape and spread in Europe.

Switzerland Seminar
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As One Seminar was held in Germany for the first time

As One Seminar was held in Germany for the first time.
As One Seminar in Germany

There really was a warm atmosphere, like that of an intimate family.

I was surprised that I could realize my unconscious fixed ideas and overcome it all at once.

I became aware of my true wishes.

"I want to explore more and move forward together", they said with beautiful smiles as they departed for their various destinations.

It was a very fulfilling week with the help of Una Village
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Alex and Antje, who had come for an internship from Switzerland, departed.

Alex and Antje, who came to Japan from Switzerland in September and had been participating in the [As One Style Practical Training Program] at the As One Suzuka community for about three months, left for their home country.

During their three-month stay, they experienced a way of life like a big close-knit family, participating in the As One seminar and ScienZ School courses, and living together with the people in the community.

What do they feel after their three-month stay?



I would like to become such a person who feels comfortable everywhere, because he can work with other people everywhere with a cosy heart.

This morning many people came and said goodbye to us. I was very pleased that Masako-san and Naoue came, too. I enjoyed it very much to see these two beautiful women. And to see how they enjoy life opens my heart.

Inside me I feel the desire to invite all these people to the As One seminar. But I know: when I really meet people, I get shy and uncomfortable and want to be alone and not talk. At the moment I am like that.

I would like to attend more As One courses to get to know myself better. I would like to come back to Suzuka for a longer time. Three months is just too short. And I would like to be able to understand and speak Japanese well enough to attend the courses.

I feel changed after three months.


When I look back on the 3 months, many images and thoughts come to mind.

And what is going on in me now?

It is quiet. I am not really leaving, but continuing in another place. I am looking forward to reconnecting with the people of Switzerland.

The starting point is different now.

What do you think will happen if you don't set boundaries from yourself to others? What if I ask you for your wishes and requests and want to fulfill them? Can we speak honestly with each other or not?

I am interested in this type of family relationship. What kind of relationship do you have with each of them?

With Alex, I can talk about anything. We can go further from there, step by step.

I could feel the atmosphere here.

It is easier to move freely and explore when people who are already there go first.

I wish people from Europe could get to know themselves better in this environment.

*The article was excerpted from the ScienZ School's member blog.
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ScienZ School "Know Myself Course" and Lecture in Switzerland

The ScienZ School's "Course for Knowing Myself" is being held in Switzerland.

As we all explored together, we became aware of our unconscious fixed ideas and bindings, and we could see a life and society in which we are free and unrestricted. We leave for a new world, full of hope! We are all looking forward to the next event.


Participans of the ScienZ School Switzerland "Course for Knowing Myself".

On 12/16 and 12/17, we also held a talk in Switzerland to introduce As One Network! We have many people coming from all over Switzerland.



img4030_320861342_559223092281250_4408901950612301718_n.jpg img4031_320704757_482528180654041_662549922683145712_n.jpg


At the end of December, there will be an As One Seminar in Switzerland, and in January of the new year, another As One Seminar in Germany!

In 2023, we expect to see many students from all over Europe coming to Japan to learn about ScienZ.
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【Conflicts and bad feelings that had been occurring within me magically disappear】 Brazil As One Seminar

From October 9 to 15, 【As One Seminar】was held in Brazil.
The following is a report on the seminar in Brazil through the participants' impressions and the memoir of Leo, who participated as an overseas trainee while studying at the ScienZ Academy in Japan.

【The conflicts and bad feelings that were happening inside me magically disappeared】
While attending the As One Seminar meetings, I felt as if my state of mind was calming down and such a path was being clearly and easily shown to me.

I was also able to see the possibilities of how I want to build relationships with others.

What I felt at this seminar was that by changing the way I see the world, I can see the possibility of harmonious human relationships.

It was liberating to simply be aware of the way I had been wearing, the way I saw good and bad experiences, and to feel that nothing was attached to it.

It was as if all the conflicts and bad feelings that had been happening inside me magically disappeared. These realizations and understandings happened as I interacted with others and looked at myself.

I felt that this kind of movement within me also expressed itself in the well-being of others, and I felt that the feeling of a "big family" was also something that I could reach.

It seemed that the way of life and the way of seeing became very clear during these 7 days.

(From a participant's comment)


【From the memoir of Leo, who participated in this seminar as a staff member from Japan】
After doing the seminar
It was the first time for the participants to be exposed to the concept of exploration, and as they talked with people, many things became clear.
It was as if we could see the true nature of each person at each stage of his or her life.
I hope that people will be able to see their true feelings and true wishes, and live in accordance with them.

How much of a picture will come out in everyone's head...

After the seminar, how can we actually realize it?
I want to have a mother body that can accept such things.


It was decided that [As One Seminar]would be held in Switzerland at the end of the year, and in Germany in 2023.
The circle is rapidly expanding to include Japan, Korea, Brazil, Switzerland, and Germany.
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As One Suzuka Community as a place to learn, one after another from overseas

In September, we have a number of people coming from overseas to study at the Suzuka Community.

Alex and Antje from Switzerland (front left) ↓


From Korea, Say-ri, Geum-sang & Dong-ha with their son Seomg-yeol, Jung-ah and their two children Yeo-jung and Yeo-min (from left to right in the photo) ↓


Alex, Antje and Say-ri are "As One Style Practice Program" students

Gum-sang, Dong-ha and Jung-ah are coming to Japan to study as ScienZ Academy students.

The children have started living at Cherish, a voluntary daycare center during the day, with other children from the community, under the watchful eyes of the grandparents, brothers and sisters.



In this issue, we asked these two from Switzerland to report on what it was like for them to come to Suzuka and what kind of time they are spending there.


After attending the As One Seminar, I felt lifted up in the world and fulfilled in myself. When I travelled from Suzuka to Switzerland last June after just 10 days of stay in Suzuka, I felt like I was leaving home. Then I knew I wanted to come back, for a longer time.

In August I went to the course to get to know the society. Since then I wonder how can we create a society where no one has to do anything, where everyone acts freely and which is harmonious at the same time. A society in which people enjoy giving each other a fulfilled life. I want to learn here to become a person who can do that.

For me, many things are new and interesting here like the food, the weather, the language, it's a different kind of sleeping here, the art of living together etc. I enjoy doing things together with the other people here, eating together, learning Japanese, working, sitting together in the living room and of course the meetings where you can say anything and hear anything.

I try to investigate, observe, while working and everywhere. It's interesting to see where it succeeds and where it doesn't. And why not? And to look at that together in the meetings. I don't want to hold anything back, to say everything that is inside me and look at it together. I hope that in this way I will come closer and closer to reality, get to know reality. I feel good, I feel more and more at home, even if my inner self is not yet calm.

I often think about the harmonious society, the future society. And how do you realise it? I see the academy students every day and sometimes I wonder if I can become an academy student too. I have a return ticket to Switzerland in three months, but I have the feeling that I actually want to stay here, learn Japanese well and realise paradise for all people by doing research together with these people here. Because I have no doubt that together it is possible.



I have been in Suzuka for about 3 weeks now and am taking part in the practice program. In Switzerland, I have been living in a eco-village for a long time. I want to find out what human life means and participate in a society where everyone can live happily. 3 years ago Ono-San came to Switzerland and I started attending the As One courses. I enjoyed it very much to look from zero again. It feels so gentle and I realised that I want to explore more in this way. The desire became stronger to go to Suzuka one day and see how people live together there. What does the As One style look like? When I arrived with Alex, I was surprised that we were participating in the practice program. I think I rather wanted to look from the outside. Now I am in the middle of getting to know myself. I realised that I can't enjoy it if I don't know and understand anything. With my thinking that I have to becomes difficult. Then I tried to get to know everything and to familiarise myself with things. I quickly realised that I can do that every day. And now? How is it now? It doesn't matter how much I know or understand. Am I now looking, asking, listening? Forming relationships with different people is very exciting. As soon as I fix an idea or thought in my head, e.g. I can't do that or I don't understand anything, something in the connection from me falters. I feel disconnected. I have the opportunity here to look at all the everyday things. Why do I want to do this work? What is behind the joy of having achieved something? I have a picture of myself, but what am I really like? I am looking forward to looking and examining in the meetings and trying things out again and again.
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GEN JAPAN Gaia Youth Held at As One Suzuka Community!

My senses and mind were greatly liberated!
GEN JAPAN Gaia Youth held at As One Suzuka Community!
Gaia Youth, organized by Global Eco-Village Network Japan (GEN JAPAN), was held at As One Suzuka Community.
How did the young people feel about this 5-day/4-night program for 15-26 year olds?
We have excerpted some of the participants' impressions. Please take a look.


[Connections expand and transcend time and space]
23 years old, male

When I felt the joy and comfort of being able to be myself as I am in our discussions, I began to have hope for human nature and the future.
I believe that when each person connects with his or her true heart, a true connection without separation is born, and in that connection, people are nurtured. Connections expand and transcend time and space. I was able to share such a feeling and feel positive about the future.
I want to be connected to my true heart at all times and observe it.
I want to express my true feelings well. I want to learn how we can expand our relationship to be just as we are, and deepen my understanding of it through practice.
Amazing how we all felt like family during those 5 days and 4 nights!


Applications for GAIA Youth in January and March next year are now being accepted.
For more details and application for GAIA Youth, click here.
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Scienz School [Course for Knowing Society] Held in Switzerland

Scienz School [Course for Knowing Society] Held in Switzerland

Participants of the Scienz School [Course for Knowing Society] in Switzerland.

A free world without any "must" (coercion or constraint) has been depicted clearly in each of us.

The number of people from Switzerland and neighboring countries who want to learn about "Scienz" and create a society in which people can truly live happily is increasing, and the number of people who want to participate in the Scienz School is increasing.

A number of people also want to visit the As One Suzuka Community and stay and experience it.

This September, two people will be coming to Japan, and next spring, three to four people will be coming to Japan.
It seems that exchanges with Europe will become more and more active in the future. We are looking forward to it.
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A "Getting to Know Oneself Course" was held in Brazil.

A " Getting to Know Oneself Course" was held at ScienZ School Brazil.

Here are some comments from the participants of the " Getting to Know Oneself Course" at the ScienZ School Brazil.


Until now, I think that has been entered in me things like responsability, rules, way of thinking, strong defend of my ideas, etc. I though that those things make me feel safe, so I though that they were necessary to me, making me create more and more self confident in my mind.

I think that is possible in the daly life, little by little, to going to know that especially because I don't need to protect my self is why I am in a state of true security and satisfaction living together with other people.

If we live in a society where we don't need to force ours ideas in each others, our minds go naturally becoming more soft and adaptive.(Male, 30s, Brazil)
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