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My impressions of attending As-One Seminar


This was my first participation in As-One Seminar.
Finally, I got my wish to go to As One Suzuka Community!
I'm really glad I came... really really glad!!
I am not exaggerating, but I feel as if my whole life has been for coming here.

I felt that I was allowed to experience what I wanted to know, not as knowledge studied in my head, but as an experience through the seminar week.
Words cannot express how moved and grateful I am.

After the seminar, I believe now, more than ever in my life, truly, sincerely, quietly, yet boldly and powerfully
'We can all be happy together!
The world will be as one."
It's not a pretty thought, but I can feel that way from the bottom of my heart.
No hesitation, I can say, "Seriously, the world people can all be happy together!"
This seminar gave me tremendous confidence like this, so calmly and gently.

"As One seminar curriculum" and "The ScienZ Method!"…so, so, sooooooo amazing!!!!
Isn't this already...much more than the Nobel Peace Prize!?
I thought this is the one which everyone in the world can be truly happy beyond borders…"the No-labels Peace Prize!"

Let's look back what did I do during the week of the seminar?!
Along with the theme and questions from the navigator, I listened to my inner self each time.
Sometime my head and mind whirling and fluffing,,, but it was precious time to talk with myself.
And I shared the honest voice that came out of me with seminor members and everyone listened to it quietly.
And I also listened carefully to each member's voice as well.
In a cozy Kotatsu room which was a very relaxing and homey, and we all sat in a circle with tea and coffee, and we talked and talked everyday a week.
We were all just talking, thinking and enjoying the indescribable ambiguous feeling by the "hmmm", "really?", "is that so?" and "well, what do you think?" that shoot out from our navigator Ryu-san's smiling face.
And what happened to me was,,,
I laughed a lot, laughed from the depths of my gut, and cried over and over again.
I cried so many times that I didn't even know why I was crying. I think it was the happy tears from my soul.

Now, what was going on inside me?
At first, I was surprised at the way of discussion did not try to come up with answers or right answers. There were no answers!!
It was like... unsettled mood and a strange feeling that I could not seem to grasp.
From the middle of the session, I began to feel more comfortable with this feeling without any answers.
Unknowingly, I became accustomed to a way of being and thinking that was free from judgment.
I felt as if the necessary awareness was coming naturally from within me, as I was reassured that there was no answer or correct anywhere.
I could felt that it is okey to just be as I am and just look at what is inside me at any given moment.

I also realized my idea like "I'll remember that, gotta keep it to myself!" naturally disappeared.
I began to feel more and more comfortable with the sensation of accepting what came at that moment and letting it flow again, just like breathing in and out.
By the end, I couldn't even remember what I was doing just a few moments ago, my head and mind were so relaxed and simple.

In this way, something inside me began to change with many moment-by-moment realizations.
And I think a revolution occurred in me very quietly.
It was as if I had been given a pair of magic glasses that allowed me to see things that I had not been able to see before.

How kind it is to be able to hear my own true voice as it is, and to be allowed to say it.
How kind it is to have someone who listens to my honest voice as it really is, and to be allowed to listen your honest voice as well.
I felt such peace and love growing inside me, just by being able to relax, talk, and listen with no judgements and conflicts. How enriching!
Through the seminar, I became to feel so relieved, so kinder, and calmer. I feel wonderful abundance now.
I feel so much love and closer for everyone I spent the week with. I can feel us as As-one family now.

I also recognized that the "As One revolution" to be free from all kinds of ties, restrictions, judgments, and fictions, and to be happy together as our true selves, is happening very gently and quietly inside each human being.
Now I can comprehend that…
We don't need someone else to work hard and wave the flag to lead the way in making the world a better place.
We don't need to sacrifice something in order to gain something.
And we don't need to be hard on ourselves to be good for the world and good for others…
We just need to know that we are already connected in deep inside of us and there is a sure way to be happy together very peacefully.

Let us listen carefully to our own voice and the voices of those around us, and let us be honest without any fear and hesitate.
By doing so, we will be kinder, gentler, and more secure, and we will develop closer, family-like relationships with those around you and me.
Let us live each day gently, just as we are, without being overbearing or burdened.
It is not something lofty or difficult. Anyone can do it. We all can do it.
So that we can all make the world a better place together, day by day and one by one.

I see the harmony of happiness spreads not through strength and righteousness, but through kindness and peace of mind.
The world will be fulfilled with gentleness and love naturally, like the beautiful ripples of each person spreading and melting away.
And I believe we will embody the fullness and abundance in this world.
It was a week that convinced me of this.
Thank you very much.
Shiho Ide(Kanagawa pref.)
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Gaia Youth Visit As One Suzuka Community on Tour

ガイアユース アカデミー生スタッフ

First Gaia Youth Tour As One Suzuka Community

The UNESCO certified education program Gaia Youth (organized by GEN-Japan) is being held for the first time in Japan, and as part of the learning experience, a tour of the As One Suzuka community was held on Saturday, March 26.
They were all in their early 20s from various parts of the country, and Academy students who live and study in the community also gave tours and interacted with them.

ガイアユース ツアーおふくろさん

In their final impressions, they said.

* When I first heard about this community, it sounded utopian and unrealistic, but as I went around and came into contact with actual people of my generation, it became more realistic and vivid. There is something exciting about it."



At SUZUKA FARM. Talking with the academy students here.



The last session was about community life. At the community space JOY and HUB.
They were excited to get to know run the economy without money exchange among people. That is an innovative economy based on respecting each individual and supporting each other to maximize their potential.

ガイアユース リラックスおしゃべり
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From a long-established Restaurant to an Ideal One @ Yoshitomo Matsuo

Yoshitomo Matsuo joined "As One Style Experience Program" after learning one of the courses of the the ScienZ School in March.
Matsuo runs a kappo restaurant as a successor in the west part of Japan, that is famous long-established one. He hopes to be able to innovate the new one like Mother's Lunchbox producing and delivering company of As One Community, without having people move hierarchically or bind each other with obligations and rules.

(Ms. Matsuo is in the center of the photo)


The following is Ms. Matsuo's account of his experience.

Experiencing Ofukuro-san Bento

I heard of Ofukurosan Bento, a lunch box producing and delivering company, from Mr. Yoshioka a long time ago. I thought that would help me create my ideal workplace, in which I could work happily and effortlessly while laughing together.

When I was able to get some time off due to the Corona disaster, I experienced Ofkuro-san Bento company after I participated in the ScienZ School.
I mainly served the food in line with other company members, concentrating on serving the food. Although they were doing what was in front of them, each one of them worked with a sense of spaciousness to look around as a whole, and I could sense that they were smiling and caring about any little mistakes.
I also caught a glimpse of my ideal atmosphere when a mistake happend in the number of lunch boxes and everyone involved discussed what to do about it.
Afterwards, I also joined the vegetable cutting work in the preparation process, and I was able to have fun while listening to Mr.Shogo-san, who was with me in the course, tell me about the workflow and other details.
I was able to experience and watch the entire process and how the world I could see reacted to and recognized it, and the feeling of being able to enter without resistance.
I would like to thank all the people at Ofkurosan Bento and the Network office secretariat.
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After taking the As One seminar So Hinomaru


If I were asked to describe in one word how I felt after this seminar, what would I say?
I guess I would say, "I am back to my natural self.
Maybe in a deep part of my heart, I already knew...
I'm sure there have been many as-one elements in many of the passages of my words and deeds, but once again, through the experiences of the past week, "Oh, that's what I meant when I verbalized it!" I was able to visualize this.
Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to keeping in touch with you in the future!

The following is a list of what I liked about the as-one seminar.
・There were people of various generations and personalities.
→It was fresh, as I usually get together with people who are similar to me.

・Living together for a week.
→to have food, clothing, and shelter with complete strangers for a week.
I thought it was amazing that it worked.
I can really get along with anyone.

・That there is no color on it.
→Everything is full of elements that lead to politics, religion, self-development and ecosystem.
I thought it was amazing that they existed without being seen in any color.

・The presence of the staff
→I felt relieved that not only Mr. Ryu but also two other people were there.
Moreover, it was good that every staff member had a sense of detachment.
They didn't make assumptions, and there was no one saying, "Let's take it this way.
Like air, I felt relief that they listened to me, neither confirming nor denying.
I thought it was important to create an atmosphere where people are not rushed even when there are moments of silence.

・The greatness of the ScieneZ Method
→It's amazing that anyone can use it anywhere and anytime.

・I thought the As One branding was interesting.
→I also think it's rather nice that they don't put much effort into sending out messages.
It feels like a natural extension of a close relationship.
I like the feeling that the happiness of those close to us comes first, as well as that they are not forcing themselves to put in a lot of effort.

・Loosing greed.
→I couldn't imagine a world without cell phones, computers and music.
I'm surprised that I could unexpectedly make it here.
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10/4 Online/ How to create a peaceful community?(in English)

【Live online dialogues】
How to create a peaceful community?
Promise of Ecovillage and Trial of As One Network Suzuka Community
(in English)
(An event related withThe 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace)

How can we achieve a peaceful society without any conflicts at all?
We believe that by creating and building up examples of peaceful communities, even on a small scale, we can provide the world with inspiration for the creation of the next society.
Before you join us, we would like you to watch the video below.

Organizers:As One Network, Global Ecovillage Network Japan

●DATE-TIME: October 4, 2020: 23:00 - 24:30 (Japan Time) | CLICK HERE for your time zone.
For example
Zurich: October 4, 2020: 16:00 - 17:30
Sao Paulo: October 4, 2020: 11:00 - 12:30

●Program(subject to change)
19:30 Opening
19:35 The meaning of creating a peaceful community / Atsushi Fujioka(Professor Emeritus of Ritsumeikan University )10 min
19:45 Promise of Ecovillage for peaceful society Hiroko Katayama(GEN-Japan)10min
19:55 The 20-year trial of As One Network Suzuka Community Masashi Ono(ScienZ Institute)20min
20:15 Q&A time 10min
20:25 Voices from As One Network members 20min
20:45 Q&A time 10min
20:55 Summary and notice 5min
21:00 End

●Participation fee: Free

●Application:To register this eventClick Here.
After registration, you will receive a confirmation email with information.

●Contact information: As One Network Office:

●Host organization introduction
【As One Network】
“As One” means “One World”or "The World as one".
That is "a harmonious and happy world without conflicts".
Isn't everyone hoping for such a world with all their heart?
The goal of As One Network is to make it possible in this world without giving up it as an empty dream.
As-One Network is a network of those who live as they really are, aiming at realizing "The World of one".
In various connections, Suzuka Community in Mie prefecture in Japan is promoting to create an urban style community in harmony with nature, where everyone can live "as each person is".
Such activities have emerged in various areas of Japan, Korea, Brazil and Europe, as people are trying to lead a life of well-being with everyone in the world.

【Global Ecovillage Network Japan(GEN-Japan)】
The Global Ecovillage Network envisions a world of empowered citizens and communities, designing and implementing their own pathways to a sustainable future, and building bridges of hope and international solidarity. And it is a registered charity SC043796 and has consultative status in the UN-ECOSOC.
GEN-Japan is a Non Profit Organization in Japan, that has started as a member of the GEN in Oceania and Asia region since 2017. The goal is to create communities around the world where everyone can live their lives to the fullest by networking with citizens, groups, organizations, research institutes and governments that aspire to a regenerative society of the future.
- | -

For Entrepreneurs aiming at sustainable new economy

The College for Community Building
The 2nd series for Entrepreneurs aiming at sustainable economy

19th to 21st, February

How can we realize the happy enterprises for people?

*All people both presidents and employees can enjoy working
*No hierarchy, no orders, no punishments,
The enterprises running well, where all employees can lively work.
*No mutual attack, no opposition,
The enterprises people can talk out anything together.

Practical Studies on the site of Mammy's Lunch Box in As-One Community,
Suzuka, JAPAN

Mammy's Lunch Box is a community business of handmade lunch boxes. Employees
appear for work by each free will, but they can make and sell more than 1000
lunch boxes per day. No hierarchy, no orders, no punishments. the president
calls himself "a person in charge".

How can they realize such company? You can see their working on site.
Let us study the sustainable management by esteeming members each other!

Host: The college for sustainable community building
Desk Email:

With Support of GEN-Japan,

ofukurosan  Mammy's Lunch Box Inc.
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