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Ms.Clara, one of 13 grandmother of Amazon, is coming to Japan for lectures and workshops from the ecovillage in the back of Amazon. She came to As One Tour with the connection of Maya Ikeda.
She is a leader and spiritual leader based in Amazon, said that a person from Gaia Education in Brazil recommended that she go to As One, saying, "I'm sure it will help your community."
I was very interested in the ScienZ Method, which allows people to talk with each other with real heart, and I felt the possibility that it could be transmitted to the Amazon community and take root.
The people who came with her were also impressed by how close they were to Japan, where they could be comfortable with their hearts.
From Brazil
Suzuka tour

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After Forum at Suzuka Economics of Happiness

After Forum at Suzuka Economics of Happiness
“ After Forum of Economics of Happiness” was held in Suzuka, and Keibo Oiwa (Tsuji ) introduce an agro-ecologist Saad Dagher from Palestine. Last year, when Keibo visited Palestine, he was much moved by Saad’s personality. And then he was invited to Economics of Happiness Forum Japan and Suzuka this time.
How can we manifest to interact with Palestine? How can the ScienZ Method be recognized in Palestine and the As One Network Activities can be realized on site.

I felt great hope for Saad and his colleagues and young people who are plowing the fields as well as living a self-sufficient life in Palestine occupied by Israel.
I sincerely wished there was something we could do together.
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Study meeting with Michael H Shuman

A half-day study-tour and the meeting was held at As One Suzuka Community sponsored by GEN-Japan. From mainly west part of Japan, researchers and professors joined.
Immediately after studying law at Stanford University, Michael Schuman organized the Community-led Development Initiatives (CDI) for a law-free society and networked local governments around the world. Its purpose is to realize a regional-led economy for the establishment of true peace, which is not swayed by the global economy represented by Wall Street, and is dedicated to research and enlightenment activities for that purpose.

Michael Shuman1

Impression about AsOne Suzuka Community / Michael Shuman
I’m now heading home to the USA, and wanted to tell how grateful was for your kind hospitality. It was especially rewarding, given I’m one of a small number of Americans who believe that the atomic bombing was immoral and unjustified, and it deeply pains me to hear of the physical suffering of so many Japanese civilians who were unconnected and blameless for the Japan’s imperial policies of the 1940s. I’m humbled by the ability of you and your generation to move past that horrible event and develop new ideals in Suzuka.
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Economics of Happiness International Forum@ Totsuka, Yokohama / JAPAN November 8-10, 2019

Economics of Happiness
This year is the third consecutive one of the International Conference “Economics of Happiness” in Japan, that Global Ecovillage Network JAPAN and As One Network collaborated with Ms.Helena Noberg-Hodge and Mr. Keibo Oiwa (Shinichi Tsuji). The aim is creating a strong local-community-led economy in each region. We have intended to establish strong bonds between groups and individuals for the base. This year, Kai Sawyer joined the caller group. More than 30 organizations joined together. The guest speakers have come from all over the world and 1600 participants were recorded.
GEN-Japan was in charge of the activities of the Executive Committee for more than half a year, as well as the subcommittees, the pre-forums and the after-forums, to interact with many overseas guests and visitors.
AsOne Members

◆Sub Conference C-3 
 Ecovillage is the key for human to survive
Sub Conference C-3 
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As One network KOREA NEWS

October 16-22: Course to know “life”
Oct. 23-29: Course to know yourself

A lot of people gathered and the course was held. The staff (Sato, Hiroya, Jin-chan) who came from Japan to hold the course, the lady who prepared meals at a side dish shop and network members in Korea.
In particular, I was impressed a mother could join the “Course to Know Myself”. For there were many people who supported her twin babies as her babysitters. I was a secretariat, however, it was time for me to feel that was not just a course.

Those who want to participate, those who want to hold the course and make it work, and those who have supported and cooperated with themselves. It was a process where the hearts of those people gathered and realized. I thank all of them.
( As One Network KOREA Secretariat, John Jae-won)
<Future plans in Korea>
December 1st to 4th: A course to listen to people will be held
December 20-22: A college for listening to people will be held
January 4-7, 2020-3 nights 4 days Suzuka tour
January 17-22, 2020 As One Seminar will be held
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