As One Network

For Entrepreneurs aiming at sustainable new economy

The College for Community Building
The 2nd series for Entrepreneurs aiming at sustainable economy

19th to 21st, February

How can we realize the happy enterprises for people?

*All people both presidents and employees can enjoy working
*No hierarchy, no orders, no punishments,
The enterprises running well, where all employees can lively work.
*No mutual attack, no opposition,
The enterprises people can talk out anything together.

Practical Studies on the site of Mammy's Lunch Box in As-One Community,
Suzuka, JAPAN

Mammy's Lunch Box is a community business of handmade lunch boxes. Employees
appear for work by each free will, but they can make and sell more than 1000
lunch boxes per day. No hierarchy, no orders, no punishments. the president
calls himself "a person in charge".

How can they realize such company? You can see their working on site.
Let us study the sustainable management by esteeming members each other!

Host: The college for sustainable community building
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With Support of GEN-Japan,

ofukurosan  Mammy's Lunch Box Inc.
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