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As-One Network News Mar.2021

Spring has come with cherry blossoms in full bloom. The misty moon is rising over the rape blossoms. It is true what they say, “A spring evening is worth a thousand dollars. Families are enjoying a stroll in the community. In this issue, we will introduce the new video with one of the As One Style, mothers and child rearing environment.
I hope you all enjoy beautiful days. Looking forward to hearing your feedback

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New Video! "Mothers" --Surrounded by a broad Family

As One Style: The Mothers in the Midst of Child-raising, Enjoying it with all the Heart
What is everyday life like for the mothers in the As One Community in Suzuka who are in the process of raising their children?
Why don't you come and see them together with the ScienZ Academy students?
From their lifestyles, you may get an impression of a “new image of mothers” and a “new image of the environment for the growing up of the children”...
(Subtitles are available in English, German, Korean, Portuguese and Japanese. )
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