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As-One Network News Feb.2022


As One Network News February 2022

Happy Lunar New Year!
The calendar is telling us that spring has arrived, but the days are still cold.
During January, many people have come to see at the As One Suzuka community; those who believe in the potential of people... They are visiting one after another and connecting with each other.

On February 24th Russian forces launched a massive military operation in Ukraine. Now, it is reported that a considerable number of people on both sides have been harmed. In truth, no one wants to fight.

Since 2001, As One Suzuka Community has started building a model society based on research and trials, in which all people can live without any conflicts and in harmony with nature.
This month, we will introduce the process of Suzuka community building by Masashi Ono. He has been working on from the beginning as a member of the ScienZ Institute of As One Network.
We believe that wishes and actions for peace will become a major trend, and we would like to link with such people who wish for this around the world.
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[Serial no.3] As One Every Day February 2022

Central Green

During the New Year, a certain green crop suddenly becomes the star in the vegetable section of markets, called "Mochi-na". What's interesting is that the label that used to say "komatsuna" is replaced by "mochina" only during these few days.
It seems that this way of eating started in the Owari area in the Edo period (1603-1868), and the origin of this way of eating was to "rise (mochi) the fame (na)".
Anyway, for three days of the New Year's holiday, SUZUKAFARM's packing and shipping place becomes the next dance floor after passing the baton from the bento shop's festive season. Here is Kayo's New Year's Day blog


When I arrived at the finishing area, Toshimi was opening the lock.
I went inside and asked her what she wanted to do.
Akosan is also coming.
Shall we start with "Mochina"?
As soon as packing mochina is ready for Max Value, a neighbor market, I'll bring them to there.
Let's do carrots, too.
Yamachan came.
He said, “I will be cleaning mochina from 7:00 until I go to” Karaoke.”
Toshiyuki and Takemichi started washing spinach in the snow.
They said that well water was warm.
Haruka, Teruko, Micchan, Aya, Fukakusa, and Takuya came one after another.
One after another.


On the second day of the New Year, we also had mochi pounding.
We took turns pounding the rice into seven mortars, and tasted the freshly made mochi right there. What a splurge!

On the 4th, after the first three days of the New Year, we managed to move at once for five families. After trying it out, I think "changing houses'' is more fitting than''moving ``...
It all started right before the New Year holidays.
・Toshiyuki moved to a new place.
・The Yosshi family moved into the vacant house.
From the morning of the 4th.
・Eri moved into the room where Yosshi and his family used to live before.
・And Takemichi moved into the vacant room.
From that afternoon.
・ Koji and Heungmi moved into the house where Takemichi used to live .
・Then I moved into Koji and Heungme’s former room.
・And then Takuya moved into my house.
It went smoothly as if we were writing in one stroke, but since there were seven houses in total, many people around us said they were unclear about what was going on no matter how many times we answered.
Although the distance is short because each house is located within 5 or 6 minutes walking distance from each other, I wondered how it was possible to move five houses in just one day, or in fact in a few hours. I thought again.

"Do you want to use this furniture? I'll leave it here."
"I'll leave the refrigerator and washing machine here."
"I'll put the toaster, hot water pot, and fan back since they were there when we moved in."
Such exchanges went back and forth, and the number of things we had to carry decreased gradually.
Toshiyuki brought out the farm's two-ton truck, and young guys like Takemichi, Diego, and Ban, took care of moving things.
Takuya wasn't there that day, so they carried his belongings that he had already packed in his absence.
Moving to a new house or moving to a new place may seem like a big deal in one's life, but when it is done with such ease, it gives it a different flavor.
<A very easy house change in a big family>.
It is quite natural and reasonable to change one's place of residence or house according to one's own needs or changes in family structure at any given time.
However, if we had to live in each house until the end of each life because we spent half our lives building it, we would feel very cramped.

We sometimes use the expression "a company for people", when we describe the kind of relationship we are trying to build.
Even though we know enough in our minds that "people for the company" is not the goal, without realizing it, we sometimes put the cart before the horse.
In the same way, what would happen if we became "people for the house"?
A "house change" would be to replace the house with people that are more suitable for the current person and family.
I think a house is originally a "house for people".

Here is a typical urban area with not only houses, apartments, and condominiums, but also stores and commercial facilities. However, it is also a rare place where a five-minutes walk takes you to the open countryside stretching out in front of you..
For those who live in the area, it is a great place to take a walk or jog, and we are amazed by the growth of rice plants and soothed by the cool breeze coming from the fields.
More than ten years ago, Mr. Sugimoto, who was a city councilor at the time, told me, "When we were planning the urban development of Suzuka, we had a plan from the beginning to leave a 'central green' in the middle of the city".
I've heard this before. I wonder if the original idea was to create "a city for people".

In winter, some of the rice fields are usually growing vegetables such as "mochina," but most of the ones look as if they are sleeping, with only soil and a few grasses.
As I stared at the fields for a while, a number of scenes came to mind and then disappeared: millions of seedlings neatly planted on the surface of the water reflecting the clouds in the sky and mountains, a sea of green grass that provides a home for countless insects and birds, and swaying waves of rice-ears that even bring a savory smell.
At the same time, a curious feeling comes over me.
"What is the 'essential entity' of this rice field that shows so many different expressions?"
The fields seem to be empty and asleep, but as time goes by, they will reveal themselves in various ways. It changes and changes rapidly.
From nothing to something, from something to nothing, endlessly repeating...
It may just be that this is how it looks to me.


It may look like there is nothing, but in fact something is constantly flowing.
No matter how it appears, the ” rice field itself” is unchanging.
Reflecting back, I ask myself
・how I see "human beings" and the people in front of me on a daily basis, which may be the same thing.
・how I see "each person" as more diverse, more complex, more abundant, and more lovely than the fields and "the invisible entity" that lies beneath those appearances.
While reflecting on the fact that I'm always going left and right when I see the appearances...

When it comes to living or living "person to person".
I think it would be tasteless if we only exchanged information on the surface. I have done many such things.
However, in a family that is really close, I feel that only the " essence and essence" are exchanged.
Between two people who truly understand each other, entrust each other, love each other, and are loved by each other, there is no need to protect, decorate, make oneself look big, or shrink.
There is only essence and essence. We feel comfortable because we are completely at ease.
It's a world that has nothing to do with ・・・・, as if we' re getting a sense of it rather than a theory, as if nostalgia is seeping out from the core.

It's not just the three heroes, but we've also been educated from a young age to "rise our fame", and now we're sometimes fed up with the stubbornness of things that have been ingrained in us that we've added unnecessary things.
But lately, I've been thinking
"I don't have to compete with anyone. I don't even want to compete with anyone. I want to be a part of everyone."
I feel somewhat relieved to have found the core of myself.

Central Green

"A city, a company, a house for people" are also nice, but before that, I want to be a "person for people".

I live in a society that gently reminds me of this.
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After taking the As One seminar So Hinomaru


If I were asked to describe in one word how I felt after this seminar, what would I say?
I guess I would say, "I am back to my natural self.
Maybe in a deep part of my heart, I already knew...
I'm sure there have been many as-one elements in many of the passages of my words and deeds, but once again, through the experiences of the past week, "Oh, that's what I meant when I verbalized it!" I was able to visualize this.
Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to keeping in touch with you in the future!

The following is a list of what I liked about the as-one seminar.
・There were people of various generations and personalities.
→It was fresh, as I usually get together with people who are similar to me.

・Living together for a week.
→to have food, clothing, and shelter with complete strangers for a week.
I thought it was amazing that it worked.
I can really get along with anyone.

・That there is no color on it.
→Everything is full of elements that lead to politics, religion, self-development and ecosystem.
I thought it was amazing that they existed without being seen in any color.

・The presence of the staff
→I felt relieved that not only Mr. Ryu but also two other people were there.
Moreover, it was good that every staff member had a sense of detachment.
They didn't make assumptions, and there was no one saying, "Let's take it this way.
Like air, I felt relief that they listened to me, neither confirming nor denying.
I thought it was important to create an atmosphere where people are not rushed even when there are moments of silence.

・The greatness of the ScieneZ Method
→It's amazing that anyone can use it anywhere and anytime.

・I thought the As One branding was interesting.
→I also think it's rather nice that they don't put much effort into sending out messages.
It feels like a natural extension of a close relationship.
I like the feeling that the happiness of those close to us comes first, as well as that they are not forcing themselves to put in a lot of effort.

・Loosing greed.
→I couldn't imagine a world without cell phones, computers and music.
I'm surprised that I could unexpectedly make it here.
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