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As One Network News Sep.2022


As One Network News September 2022

The hot and humid days are still ongoing.
Here in Suzuka City, Japan, in which the As One Network office is located, rice harvesting has already begun. The aroma of rice straw is carried by the flowing wind, and we can feel the richness of the autumn harvest. On the other hand, natural disasters such as heat waves, water shortages, heavy rains and floods are being reported. I cannot help but sincerely hope for the health of everyone affected by these disasters and for the earliest possible recovery. As human beings living on the same planet, we would like to contribute our wisdom and strength to realize a society in which all people can live happily. This summer, interest in the As One Network has been growing overseas as well. Following the holding of lectures in Brazil and the first as-one seminar in Switzerland, the first lecture in Germany was held near Berlin. The youth movement has also begun in Japan.
This month's issue is also full of information from Japan and abroad. Please take a look.
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[Serial no.9] As One Every Day September 2022

Community Saijiki literary calendar


坂井和貴(Kazuki Sakai)

Every morning, I look at the paintings sent to us from Brazil.
Some days they are portraits, some days they are landscapes, some days they are birds, fruits, and trees that I have never seen before, but the colors and tones are very different from his previous works.


Mr. Iwata, who paints Japanese-style paintings in the community that we have previously introduced in this Saijiki, has been in Brazil since the middle of August. And every day he posts his sketches of the day with brief episodes on his blog.
Brazil, located in the southern hemisphere, is in the midst of winter, but in the state of São Paulo, where Mr. Iwata is staying, many people can be seen wearing short sleeves.

Around the 20th of June, I have lost track of how it happened, but when we were having dinner together, someone said to Iwata-san, "Mr. Iwata, why don't you go to Brazil? Why don't you try to paint what you see there?"
Such a topic came up.
What would be born if Mr. Iwata painted the land and people of Brazil, a country with which the Suzuka community has no small connection?
The idea of "Japanese painting of Brazil" by Mr. Iwata was talked about here and there, and it was decided to send him out from the community.
In past years, Iwata would devote himself to his work for the Inten (Japan Art Institute Exhibition) in the autumn, but this year, Iwata decided to put his hopes on a visit to Brazil.

The mention of "traveling with Mr. Iwata" reminds me of a time decades ago, when we were students in Tokyo and had just gotten to know each other.
He had suddenly disappeared from our lives without telling us where he was going.
In those days, when there were no cell phones or smart phones, we tried asking around for him, but he was completely unknown to us. At the time, all we could do was to fret.
A few months later, he came back unexpectedly, and we all gathered at a small izakaya (Japanese-style pub) to listen to his story.
He told us that he had gone to a famous painter in the Kansai region to ask him to study under him, and that his wish had not been granted and that he had been wandering around. He had been facing a white canvas ever since his early elementary school days, I think it was around the time when he entered an art university and began to explore where he would go from here.

Mr. Iwata arriving at the As One community in Brazil.

Some were concerned about his trip to Brazil from a health standpoint.
Several years ago, Mr. Iwata was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), an incurable disease in progress. He is unable to move his left hand as much as he would like, and the time and range of movement of his right hand, which holds the paintbrush, is becoming narrower and narrower day by day. Neck and shoulder pain has also become a regular problem. He receives an intravenous drip every other week for treatment, but it must be interrupted during the trip. We wondered if Mr. Iwata would be able to endure the long trip, which involves a flight of more than 24 hours on the outbound leg alone.

Three years ago, when we went to the university hospital in Shiga together to discuss his future treatment and lifestyle
"Anyway, let's eat well and live a healthy life. There is no cure at this stage, but medical science is advancing rapidly. Until then, let's eat well and live positively to slow the progression of ALS."
The specialist encouraged him strongly.
Since last year, there have been reports in the media that bosutinib, a drug used in the treatment of leukemia, may be effective for ALS. We were informed that the IPS Cell Research Institute of Kyoto University was going to start the second clinical trial of bosutinib in April of this year. We contacted them directly and tried to get in touch with them. As a result, he could not become a subject of the clinical trial, but it made us realize that the "time" that the specialist told us about was just around the corner.

No one knows when that "time" will come.
However, I believe that we are always being asked how we will spend each and every day until then. 
What should be the best way for Mr. Iwata to make the most use of his time now?
I think it is out of this that everyone's wish to "bring Mr. Iwata to Brazil" and Mr. Iwata's desire to "paint Brazil with Japanese paintings" came into being.

Mr. Iwata in Brazil sends us pictures every day through SNS.
It is as if we are traveling together.

What is a masterpiece for you?
When asked, what picture comes to mind...
For me, there is one painting that comes to mind.
It is not a Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, or, I am sorry to say, Mr. Iwata's painting.
It probably no longer exists in this world.
When I was a child, I lived very close to Matsumoto Castle and looked up at the castle keep every day. One day, my family and I took some paints and papers and went to sketch the castle.
My father came along, which was unusual for him, and gazed absently my elder brother and I as we drew .
Toward the end of the drawing, my father took my paintbrush and began to quickly add color to a fresh sheet of paper.
Without a single rough sketch, the colors were applied without hesitation, and in no time at all, another "castle" was completed. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the work, and watched it with rapt attention.
"Now let's go home," said my father with a cool look on his face.
He was about to crumple up the picture he had just finished.
I hurriedly snatched it away and took it home.
As soon as I got home, I asked a favor of my mother,
" Put this picture in a frame and hang it in our room,"

She said,
"He is following in his parents' footsteps in this store business, but he might have become a painter if it were not. I think he is much better suited for that."
She hung the painting in the living room.
From that day on, that "castle" became Matsumoto Castle for me.

Since then, I have looked at that painting every day and adored it.
Whenever my friends came to visit, I would show them the picture and boast that my father had painted it and that this was how he looked at that time.
When I went to college and moved away from home a few years later, the painting was put away and gone.
It was probably the only work my father ever painted in his life.
It is the one painting that is now only in my mind.
I have no idea why, but it is the one and only masterpiece for me.


Why have people been creating, appreciating, and bequeathing such things as pictures, music, and other forms of art since ancient times? It is not easy to say this is a big theme, but I feel that it is narrow to say that painting and music are the only forms of art. I have the feeling that everything that comes out of people's lives, even their housework and jobs, are in fact art in general.
If we look around calmly, we can see countless works of art created, refined, and polished by people from all over the world, from all ages and from all walks of life, lying here and there in the corners of society and in the corners of our daily lives. We are living on this mountain of treasures.
Mr. Iwata is not the only artist in our Community.

At a market in Brazil. Sketch by Mr. Iwata.

Some people at the bento shop, some people growing vegetables at the farm, the members watching over our children's growth, the mothers who prepare food for everyone every day, the seniors who mow the grass, make repairs, and maintain the living environment, the grandmothers who mend and knit, in fact, they may all be artists in the community.

What would happen if each one of them mastered his or her field in a more playful way?
I am able to envisage that each person's own life itself would become a masterpiece of art, colored with the taste that only that person can bring out and the colors that only that person can add, and fragrant with dignity.
Even now, it seems as if an unknown picture is being painted day by day, moment by moment, on the grand, borderless canvas of community. Well, even if there are some mistakes or coloring errors, it is still me, you, and the canvas, which can be cleared and renewed at any time, so it is easygoing to do.

Mr. Iwata at work on a sketch.

Among such hundred flowers blooming in profusion of artists, Mr. Iwata is one artist who is good at and specializes in painting.
He is scheduled to return to Japan on September 8.
He will spend two months turning the sketches he accumulated in Brazil into Japanese paintings, and will hold his first solo exhibition in three years from November 18 to 27. We are looking forward to seeing what he will be able to express there and what will appear....
Don't miss it !

Mr. and Mrs. Minowa hosting Mr. Iwata in Brazil
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GEN JAPAN Gaia Youth Held at As One Suzuka Community!

My senses and mind were greatly liberated!
GEN JAPAN Gaia Youth held at As One Suzuka Community!
Gaia Youth, organized by Global Eco-Village Network Japan (GEN JAPAN), was held at As One Suzuka Community.
How did the young people feel about this 5-day/4-night program for 15-26 year olds?
We have excerpted some of the participants' impressions. Please take a look.


[Connections expand and transcend time and space]
23 years old, male

When I felt the joy and comfort of being able to be myself as I am in our discussions, I began to have hope for human nature and the future.
I believe that when each person connects with his or her true heart, a true connection without separation is born, and in that connection, people are nurtured. Connections expand and transcend time and space. I was able to share such a feeling and feel positive about the future.
I want to be connected to my true heart at all times and observe it.
I want to express my true feelings well. I want to learn how we can expand our relationship to be just as we are, and deepen my understanding of it through practice.
Amazing how we all felt like family during those 5 days and 4 nights!


Applications for GAIA Youth in January and March next year are now being accepted.
For more details and application for GAIA Youth, click here.
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As One Introduction Talks are being held in various locations in Europe.

As One Network and Scienz are attracting increasing attention in Switzerland, Germany, and other parts of Europe.

Talks, lectures, workshops, etc. are being held in various locations, mainly by members who have participated in the Scienz School held in Switzerland.



From 8/12 to 8/14, lectures were held at three locations in Switzerland, with a total of more than 120 people attending.

They included young people who dream of creating a new society, a group of women who aim to establish a free school, and others who wish to see a transformation in society.

They listened very attentively for all three days, and the more questions they asked, the more they wanted to know and learn more, and the more they seemed to have hope for the next society.



On August 17, the workshop was held in Una Village (, a former East German region near the Polish border, two hours east of Berlin by train.

Twenty people with a strong interest in the new society attended.
A student from Ethiopia
A female student from the U.S.
Germans living in Auroville
The participants were diverse, including.
Everyone was really enthusiastic and seemed to have a lot to talk about.

After listening to As-One's attempt to,
"I had been involved in various activities, but I knew something was missing. I realized that it was because I didn't know the importance of relationships between human and human."
One participant shared his impressions with us.


We are now looking forward to seeing more and more developments in Europe.
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Scienz School [Course for Knowing Society] Held in Switzerland

Scienz School [Course for Knowing Society] Held in Switzerland

Participants of the Scienz School [Course for Knowing Society] in Switzerland.

A free world without any "must" (coercion or constraint) has been depicted clearly in each of us.

The number of people from Switzerland and neighboring countries who want to learn about "Scienz" and create a society in which people can truly live happily is increasing, and the number of people who want to participate in the Scienz School is increasing.

A number of people also want to visit the As One Suzuka Community and stay and experience it.

This September, two people will be coming to Japan, and next spring, three to four people will be coming to Japan.
It seems that exchanges with Europe will become more and more active in the future. We are looking forward to it.
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[Serial No.8-1] An Experiment in an Economy without Money Intervention - A Free and Flexible World Where All Can Be Made Alive

Creating the Next Society - Part 8-1
Toward a society where people can live gently and without conflict
Masashi Ono, ScienZ Institute, Inc.

Chapter 3

2. An Experiment in an Economy without Money Intervention - A Free and Flexible World Where All Can Be Made Alive

When people visit The As One Suzuka Community, almost of all visitors are most interested in "The Community Space JOY". JOY is a place where food, ingredients, and daily necessities for daily living are lined up.

What surprises visitors at JOY? It is because here is a place where no one needs money. Not give and take. Of course, there is no exchange or reward either; in other words, it is a place that operates on a system of one-way giving and one-way bringing.
Suzuka Farm gives rice, vegetables, and processed agricultural products, and The Mother's Lunchbox Company gives lunchboxes and side dishes. Fruits from the community's Gardening Park, shiitake mushrooms, charcoal, and wood-processed vinegar are delivered from the satoyama woodland. There will be home-cooked food from people in the community, handmade sweets, miso and pickles, persimmons from the garden, bamboo shoots, wild vegetables and chestnuts from the mountains, shellfish and fish from the sea, gifts from people in various places with close relationships, and souvenirs from overseas, including Korea, Brazil, Switzerland and other countries.

There are also foodstuffs and daily necessities purchased by skilled shoppers.
In appearance, the purchases are similar to a joint purchase where everyone contributes money. But in reality, it is a system where these items can be taken home freely, as much as one wants, without involving money. It is like a storage place for groceries and daily necessities within our "big family", so single people can bring home seasonings, bread, etc. in small portions so that they do not spoil or go to waste at home.

It is just only a few times a month for most people to go shopping at the local supermarket, as they can get almost everything for their daily living from JOY
Currently, about 100 people are using the service. (about 200 people including their families)

In December 2020, "Family Dining Zero" started in the space next to "JOY". Lunch and dinner are now prepared for the community members. You can eat in the family dining room with your big family, or you can take those side dishes home and eat them at your home.

A parenting mother says, "I can concentrate on what I want to do, such as work, until the evening, and then go to the family-dining-room and get side dishes to eat at home, so I don't have to think about the menu, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. I'm happy about it.”
Of course, when they want to cook for each own family, they can do it as much as they want.
All together, the meals for about 100 people are prepared using equipment in Lunchbox company. And so it can be done by one person in a few hours. When you consider the time, effort, and energy required for each individual family to prepare their own meals, you can imagine how much more efficient and eco-friendly life can be.

When visitors see the JOY, they often ask us, "Can someone ever take too much?"
However, this question is a "?" for us. Why not take a lot? We can take as much as we want at any time, and so we don't feel the drive to take more than we need.

Ownership, money, individual households, exchange, and rewards, are all fictions created by humans. Local currencies and virtual currencies on the Internet are also all based on the fiction of exchange.
In the original world, there is no ownership, no households, no money, no exchange, and no rewards. The picture of the blue earth seen from space has no borders anywhere! I don't think the natural world is founded on exchange. We each give, while we each receive what we need. It is very simple indeed.

I believe that humanity was originally in a simple world, but today's society is bound by many of the fictions of possession that we have created with our own ideas. Some people seem to think that when you own something, you can use it freely, but originally, any object can be used by anyone in any way, as long as it is not enclosed or separated by human ideas.

Possession is the idea that the person who owns the thing does not allow others to use it freely. It is a system where you can use the thing with the owner's permission, but if you use it without permission, you are punished. In other words, once one person owns an object, the rest of the world is not free to use it without that person's permission. In today's society, people all over the world are trying to expand their ownership, so no matter how abundant things become, if you don't own something, there is almost nothing you can use freely.
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